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What do these symptoms mean?-Help before my School Loans start!!

33 Years Old  ---Female  (married with 4 young kids)

Morning-Health near perfect other than fatigue that resolves with coffee.

Afternoon- Onset of light sensitivity, aura's, and mild headache and slight vertigo when I move my eyes.

Evening-body aches, sore neck, sore throat, fatigue and fuzzy head (can't seem to think straight)  I usually suffer from anxiety and racing thoughts.  But my head is completely quiet.
**The headache is mild but is very bad immedietly after eating.  The bigger the meal, the more wicked the headache.  The doc prescribed a Narcotic for the head ache.  The Narcotic makes the headache seem worse.  While a dose of Advil makes it better.
Very tired, I go to bed feeling like I am coming down with the flu, wake up feeling normal.

This goes on every single day
(random things:  I have hayfever, joint pain with weather changes and I haven't gotten sick in a long time.  Even though my family has had stomach flu and colds I never caught any of them even from my drink sharing toddler)

I've gone to the doc, and had these tests done:
CAT scan of sinus and head ---Normal Results
Blood Work--Normal
Urine sample--Normal
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i suffer with similar things but the thing that stood out for me is when you say you feel worse after food.

thats exactly like me, i used to feel awful after food, really tired and fuzzy head so i thought it was something i was allergic to.

but a few more years down the line i realise that its uthoffs syndrome and that has led to investigations for ms.

it has just got worse over the years and at present i have diagnosis of ME.

hope it gets better for you soon.
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Hi, I'm no medical expert but the first thing that comes to my mind when I read your description is migraines.  What you are describing does not fit the pattern of multiple sclerosis.

A simple thing you might try is to eat several small meals a day rather than our usual 3 meals.  

good luck with those student loans  - they can be wicked to repay.


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Our body heat and blood pressure do increase a bit after we eat, but I would not link Uthoff's with eating except perhaps in very rare instances.  

If this were brought on by Uthoff's then that morning cup of hot coffee would likely also trigger the response. From what you write, it doesn't fit that pattern.

You might look into some of the autoimmune disorders such as lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis and see how those fit your situation.


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