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What do you do for exercise?

The New Year always brings with it the round of commercials and articles nudging us to turn our physical well being around with exercise and diets.  I just saw a PT yesterday for my bursitis hip and she gave me a set of exercises to do at home.

While I was doing foot-pumps and leg lifts to fire my hip muscles., I was wondering what others do to keep active.

We all have varying degrees of physical abilities - so don't be embarassed if you can't tell us you ran the NY marathon or do ballroom dancing three times a week.  No matter how small or large, everything counts toward being active.

So please share with us some of the ways that you  keep moving ...........

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Yoga and stretching in the house as I feel up to it.

Walking with Polly the Service Dog. Not as long as I used to.

Riding Clara Bell, the horse once a week

Swimming when I can

I used to ride bicycles but had to quit so I sold them all to pay for riding equipment and lessons. I am having to make more and more allowances but I just keep adapting. I also was a runner but those days are over.

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Thanks for bringing this up! I need an attitude adjustment.

Since I used to be a distance runner - I have a bad attitude about my exercise.  Instead of thinking about how good anything would be - I've been doing NOTHING!   I need to stop feeling sorry for not being able to run and do what I can.   I feel like I'm "waiting" to feel better and then I will get back to "normal."  I need to stop waiting and get busy!

But when I'm not moping around here's what works for me:

I have a crazy dog - so I try and get out to walk him every day - but lately with the weather and fatigue I haven't been too good. (hmmm...more excuses here)

I love working on my stability ball with light weights and working on core and stretching as well.  A trainer taught me some great exercises that really help with my overall body strength and flexibility.   I use very light weights yet I have to be careful - my arms are pretty weak and I get light headed. The docs are still trying to figure out my arm issues.

Here's hoping we all find something that helps us be better in 2011~

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well  -  its embarrising--have done situps in bed--  well- it helps ,cant do much -have a shake weight- -just try not to knock myself out!!  keep pluggin at it!!    tick
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I am not a gym bunny but joined a lovely spa/gym in September to encourage me to get a little fitter. I have not lost any weight so have given up trying or checking weight, but I do feel a little fitter. I see a very nice personal trainer once a month for a programme review and all I do a 30 minute routine in the gym including treadmill, bike, rower, weight machine (not sure proper name) and some floor work including sit ups. I then do 20 lengths in the swimming pool and spoil it all be having a cafe latte afterwards.  I try and go twice a week which is just 2 hours of exercise a week so I know I should be working on increasing this very slowly but my gym routine is getting harder and very slightly longer each month but he knows about my MS so we are taking it carefully.

I am also able to have treatments (and "treat" being the operative word) and have a massage from time to time which is heaven and is my reward for my effort in the dreaded gym!

This is the longest that I have ever kep any exercise up and I know is helped by seeing a trainer once a month who keeps me on tract and looks at my month's efforts which are all recorded on a special key/computer system which is much too high tech for me to understand!

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I go to the YMCA as much as possible.  Now that the holidays are over, maybe I can get back to a regular routine.  But I shouldn't fool myself - the main reason I don't go all the time is fatigue.  But MS fatigue doesn't get worse when I work out, so I should go anyway.  So I keep telling myself.

So at the YMCA I've been doing the elliptical trainer.  It gives me the most workout while keeping me from having to move my feet.  I used to run, but now even running on the treadmill is dangerous - I keep dragging my feet, and tripping.  I just can't get into the stationary bike.  It would be safer for me, but the workout just isn't enough.  

I also lift weights.  I stay away from the leg lifts, and stick with the back, arms, shoulders, and waist.  I also have an inner thigh-outer thigh routine.  Presumably muscle burns calories while it's just sitting there, so I would have a higher metabolic rate if I build more muscle.

I'm going to have to get back into it.  I've gained five pounds over the holidays, and that's always disappointing.  I can try to eat less (maybe dieting on the weekends will help!) but I should try to stay around 1500 calories a day.
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Great question,

Does standing up and yelling at the T.V.  during NFL games count?

I try to swim twice a week,  and do light weights at the gym and my wife goes with me & I have the bike I try to use at home, during the summer if it's not to hot out  I really enjoy yard work & taking my dog for walks.

Now here in few more hours I get use my snow blower..

take care

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I haven't been doing much lately, but I hope to get back into my Yoga.  Walking is too difficult, I also would like to start swimming again, but with my Vertigo being so bad I'm nervous about doing that.  

take care
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Johnnie, that most certainly does count as aerobic exercise because I know the heart rate quickens and the pulse rises during those horrible calls by the coaches and the refs.  The dropped passes and fumbled balls are almost as good as doing jumping jacks!  LOL

Wobbly, meditation, yoga, relaxation techniques count too.  Quieting the mind is a type of exercise.  

I'm impressed by the variety of activities that you all do.    Keep up the good work.
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Before 2 yrs ago, I used to be extremely active. I used to play on baseball & softball teams.  And I would run the Sound to Narrows race in WA (12K) and bike for 20 miles at a time.  I'd also do P90X religiously every day for about an hour a day.

Now, we walk our husky about 1/2 hour a day (we recently found out that my partner has dystonia - it's a neurological movement disorder like Parkinson's). I try to do free-weights and use our weight system every now and then. I guess I could count going up & down our stairs, since we have 2-flights.
And we don't ride our horse anymore, because she has sarcoids and Cushing's Disease.  But I can probably count grooming her.  


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I hear that looking at women's... uh... mammary glands... is as good for you as a brisk walk.
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I too am impressed with all that you all are doing.  Great job!  I walk around the house when I can and stand to do the dishes and sometimes vacuum.  I also stretch a couple of times a day.  I stretch while in bed in the morning and then later in the day.  

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ha ha, you're funny Jen.
Kelly  :-)
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