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What does it mean for us?

A scan has shown my 51 yrs old wife with demyelination spots.  She has been told that this is not a very rapidly progressing form of MS that she has.
The fear is that she is already not a well woman with multiple health issues, and we have been told not to worry!  Some hope please!!!
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Welcome to the forum!  I'm sorry that you're wife is going through some tough times.  You'll find that this forum is one of the best, if not THE best places on the internet to "meet" others, get support, and information about MS.  It's been a life-saver for me.  

If your wife has MS, it's not the end of the world.  I've lived with the disease for a number of years (I'm not sure how many because I've had lots of health issues myself) and have just started on a disease-modifying drug to slow down and hopefully put a hault to the MS.  I'm still walking--not as far and as long as I used to, but I'm not using a cane or in a wheelchair.  Only a small percentage of us do end up in wheelchairs.  Plus, I'm working full-time.

It is a disease that will need monitoring and treatment--and in that way, it is going to change your wife's life and yours.  Read all you can about the disease.  There's many things that can help her out tremendously with just knowledge of how the disease operates.  For instance, you'll want to try to avoid getting overheated.  This may cause a pseudo-exacerbation.  I've even heard that it may cause tiny lesions.  Plus, knowing that MS can effect your vision, it's wise to know of the signs and symptoms of optic neuritis.  

It's not uncommon for people with MS to have more than one health problem.  I have others myself, mostly autoimmune in nature, because if you have one disease like this, your likelyhood of getting another one is greater.  

I can see your concern for your wife, and it touches me.  My husband has been there every step of the way, and your post reminds me of his reaction when I was first diagnosed.  Now, he's a old pro already with all the MS lingo and is giving me my shots!  

Best wishes to you.  Keep us posted--

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Thankyou for your support.  Jayne has a litany of health problems, Fibromyalgia, bowel problems, depression, periods of mania, all of these seem to stem from being repeatedly sexually molested as a child for a period of about 12 years.  I would be curious to know if any MS sufferers also believe their origins of their illness began similiarly.

Thankyou again, Deb, and I will keep you posted.
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Hi Harry and Welcome to the MS Forum.

I wouldn't say that specifically persons with MS follows such a traumatic event such as your wife experienced.  Bless her heart.

I believe alot of us that have MS can relate it's beginning to a severe infection beforehand or maybe a stressful time in their lives.  Depression is very normal in someone with mutiple health problems.  The periods of mania sounds like a bi-polar disorder.  That would be a separate problem from MS.

I have MS, Fibro, Controlled Diabetes, Arhtritis, High Blood pressure and the like but notice that alot of these things are auto-immune related, just as Deb suggested.

I am so sorry to hear what your wife is going through, but as her husband you are going through it also.  What affects her, affects you.  So let us be here for not only you, but for your wife.  I invite her to join us on the Forum when she feels up to it.  We can be of great support to her, through this venue.

Again welcome and we are glad that you posted your story.  Such bravery...and dedication to your precious wife.

God Bless you Both,
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Thankyou so much.  Actually Jaynie's periods of mania have been diagnosed professionally as MPD (multiple personality disorder), although it is probably politically incorrect to call it that now.

Auto - immune problems-- yes yes yes.  An endochronologist told us her immune system was all but kaput.

I have taken to prayer and renewing the Christian faith I had when I was young (which slid away when hormones became more demanding lol.

I do not understand how one person can be the victim of a sadistic peodophile ring for many years, come out of it physically and mentally damaged, but still the kindest, most loving person I know.

That is my Jaynie.

God Bless you too, Heather,
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