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What is FLAIR signal hyperintensity

After experiencing some minor numbness on my left side, I had 2 MRI on my head and brain.  The report I received says, in part:

"Several sulci of T2 and FLAIR hyperintensity within the white matter of both cerebral hemispheres"  "Primary diferential considerations include sequela of chronic small-vessel ischemic disease.  No evidence of acute infarction."

My Intenet searches have turned up a plethora of discussions of FLAIR hyperintensity in connection with conditions that range from Lyme disease to MS, but I haven't found a specific explanation of T2, FLAIR, or hyperintensity as they apply in this context.

Can you give me a fairly complete explanation of the terms and the significance of the phrase "sulci of T2 and FLAIR hyperintensity within the white matter" as well as any other insight into what this finding implies?
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The MRI the study reveals tht there are small discrete T2/FLAIR hyperintensity seen in the basal ganglia capsular region , centrum semiovale and right frontal subcortical white matter
no midline shift see
note is made of panisinusitis

The physical symtom is left eye twitching.

Could you please suggest what is this and is this worrisome? Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance
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Please help!!! What are flair hypertensity? I have them within the subcortical white matter of the right frontal lobe with additional tiny focus also possibly present within the subcortical white matter of the right centrum semi ovale. Aprox, 5 to 6 larger foci of FLAIR hyperintensity are demonstrated within the white matter posterior to he bodies of the lateral ventricles bilaterally right more than left? Also in my MRI result, information states abnormal hypointensity to the calvarial osseous marrow signal. I also have Chiari Malformation (this i already know much about). I am just not sure what the other indications mean??? I am only 24 years old!

Read more: http://www.justanswer.com/questions/2aez6-a-few-scattered-foci-of-t2-flair-hyperintensity-are-present#ixzz0aIOpxgXJ
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my wife mri of brain reveals a few discrete and punctate t2w flair hyperintense foci scattered in the bilateral periventricular sub cortical and deep white matter in temporal-trigonal and frontal-parietal lobes ;non-specfic white matter hyperintensities (wmh) and common etiology include admixed perivascular(virchow-robin) spaces; et at cribleand prominent inferior vermian recess and cisterna magna with key-hole apperance with altered folia morphology of the vermian process;variant/dysplasia/d-w9dandy-walker-variant)
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I am a 37 year old woman and I had an MRI done about a week ago. I was refer to the Neurologist. My MRI results were several punctate foci of T2 and flair signal hyperintensity within the subcortical white matter of the frontal lobes. Primary differential considerations include sequela of previous infection or trauma, sequela migraine headaches or sequela of minimal chronic small vessel ischemic. I never suffer from headaches I am a bit concern because i been having muscle aches and it is difficult to walk, dizziness and some blurry vision, lossing concentration and memory problems. My doctor explained me but I did not understand very well
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My brother MRI report says : "T2 and FLAIR hyperintense lesion noted in the left putamen and left centrum semiovale region suggestive of in fract"
Please help me to explain
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I was diagnose a year ago with MS and the findings of the MRI were:
Multiple deep hemispheric white matter T2 hyperintensities are present bilaterally. over 20 hyperintensities are identified.there is involmente of both subcortical and periventricular white matter.Lesions range in size from 3 mm to 12mm.A majority of these lesions do not demonsrate assocated T1 signal abnormality. A small area of decreased of T1 signal present in a left parietal T2 hyperintensity, consistent with significant underlying parenchymal danmage (black hole).
Please explain, I need to know to make a desition about changing or not my treatment

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