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What is FLAIR signal hyperintensity

After experiencing some minor numbness on my left side, I had 2 MRI on my head and brain.  The report I received says, in part:

"Several sulci of T2 and FLAIR hyperintensity within the white matter of both cerebral hemispheres"  "Primary diferential considerations include sequela of chronic small-vessel ischemic disease.  No evidence of acute infarction."

My Intenet searches have turned up a plethora of discussions of FLAIR hyperintensity in connection with conditions that range from Lyme disease to MS, but I haven't found a specific explanation of T2, FLAIR, or hyperintensity as they apply in this context.

Can you give me a fairly complete explanation of the terms and the significance of the phrase "sulci of T2 and FLAIR hyperintensity within the white matter" as well as any other insight into what this finding implies?
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Last November a nerve under my nose started twitching.  It twitched for about an hour and my nose dribbled for three days.  When the twitching stopped my skin around that area went semi numb.  That semi numbness spread to my whole body over the period of about a month.  The semi numbness is increasing in intensity.  My face is showing signs of drooping.  During this period my arms and legs have ached for weeks at a time.  A lot of the time my body has felt like its being microwaved i.e. like every cell in my flesh is vibrating at high speed. My MRI shows non specific T2 hyperintense foci in the subcortical white matter and one non specific hyperintense focus in the right frontal periventricular white matter region.  There is no evidence of any typical demyelination plaques.  The corpus callosum is normal in signal intensity, contour and morphology.  There is no obvious lesion in the cerebellar peduncles or in the posterior fossa.  The ventricular system and basal cisterns are within normal limits.  The brain stem and posterior fossa structures are within normal limits.  Can anyone help please?
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my MRI W/O contrast, (as I have a severe reaction to the contrast as in, my entire right side, became cramped, my thumb locked to the palm of my hand, my fingers locked and started twisting in a different direction,then my wrest, elbow, and I yanked the IV out before it hit my shoulder. (while burning to the point it felt as though I had a blow torch on my arm, from the finger tips to the arm pit, along with my arm became bright red, and my hand where the IV was inserted had turned bright white, almost light green, the look of a dead body part, the tech, said in 20 yrs. she had never seen that reaction before!) my MRI report states, right frontal deep white matter 5mm punctate focus of T2 and FLAIR weighted hyperintense signal. the brain parenchyma "otherwise" appears normal. There is mild right "Mastoid Air Cell disease. IMPRESSION: There are few bilateral cerebral white matter punctate foci of T2 and FLAIR weighted hyperintense signal. The appearance in "nonspecific".
Could a 25 year old brain injury, cause these abnormalities. My medical insurance is far from great, not even close to good, I feel as though I am being put on the back burner so to speak. The neurologist, has no desire to find out WHY! Can any one out there give me some feed back? Please, and THANK-YOU
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Small focal hyperintense T2 signal demonstrated at the deep right parietal lobe white matter.
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My MRI states, "There is a tiny 4mm focal area of signal hyperintensity involving the pons just to the left of midline. This is seen on the T2 and FLAIR sequences, and actually shows slight enhancement with contrast as well. No additional foci are seen. this appearance is nonspecific potentially indicating a tiny area of demyelinization, nicroinfarction or even a very tiny neoplasm."

What does this mean?
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Hi, Janelle, and Welcome to our little haven of insanity.  Since you posted on an old thread and many people might not see your question, would you be willing to create a new discussion and tell us your story?  Why did they do an MRI in the first place?

What has been going on with you?

A lesion in the pons is quite significant.  What are your symptoms?

Just go to the green box at the top of the page "Post A Question", click it and write your story.  Then everyone will see you and can help answer you question.  It's easier to answer, though if we know more about you.

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Bedende zaman zaman baş dönmesi ve sağ tarafa doğru denge kaybı var ve bazen az da olsa uyuşma oluyor.
Çekilen Mr sonucunda

Sağda sentrum semiovale anteriorunda 3-4 .. çaplı istemik - gliotik olarak değerlendirilen bir adet T2-FLAIR sinyal hiperintensitesi izlenmektedir.
Vertebrobaziler sistem arterlerinde  hafif dolikoektazik seyir izlenmektedir.
Anterior ve posterior sirkülasyon arterleri SE sekanslarında normal signal void akım paterni sergilemektedir. Dural venöz sinüsler patent izlenmiştir.
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