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What is Flair image of punctuate areas increased signal

Hi all, I have breast cancer and migraines and had an Brain MRI done and really dont understand it maybe someone can help me. Here were the findings
Flair images demonstrate a few small punctuate aeras of increased signal in the periventricular white matter which are nonspecific and may be related to chronic microvascular change also there is mucosal thickening involving the maxillary sinuses bilaterally as well as the bilateral spenoids and ethmoids.
I was told I had chronic sinus diseaseand the other could be caused by migraines. Does anyone have any idea what all this means?
Thanks Emmy
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FlAIR is a Fluid Attenuated Inversion Recovery sequence on MRI (like a T2 sequence.)  "a few small punctuate areas of increased signal in the periventricular white matter which are nonspecific and may be related to chronic microvascular change." is a common finding but usually in people over 50.  A FLAIR hyperintensity can be vascular, migraine disease or demyelinating disease and is a pretty common result because the MRI shows a change, but nothing specific.  Punctuate means "small/pinpoint."

"mucosal thickening involving the maxillary sinuses bilaterally as well as the bilateral spenoids and ethmoids" can be due to allergies, a URI/cold, etc.  This is also a common finding on brain/head MRIs.

Keep in mind, that this is my understanding, and I am not a doctor.


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Thank you Bob for your quick answer, I also have some numbness in arms and legs and was worried about MS, also stay congested and cold flu like symptoms at least 9 months out of the year involving ears nose eyes and chest. This seems like a great site and I hope to be able to learn and help others if I can.
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Forgot to add I have been having throat spasms for about 2 years and now it has become a constant pain with not being able to breath in for seconds which really freaks me out, have not told Docs yet, a little scared to because of larynx cancers in family (3)
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Hi Emmy and you are welcome to hang out here.  This is a forum for people interested in Multiple Sclerosis, a disease of the central nervous system. But we have lots of other folks who find us and stick around too, because we are just a good place to be.

Do you or someone you know have MS?  What does your doctor say about this report?  I can only imagine how confusing all this must be on top of the breast cancer and migraines.  That is quite a bad combo and I hope you are doing better.

be well, Lulu
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Hi Emmy,

Adding on a welcome to you as well.

Migraine and headache -  one of the 1st things I was asked about during my initial visit with my neuro. Not knowing the damage they can cause in the brain at the time, I had noidea why I was being asked - I do now.

Mentioning this so you feel more confident with what you were told by the ordering doctor. It's indeed a fact migraine and headache can cause brain changes.

May I ask why the MRIs were ordered? If you are experiencing things that are not unaccounted for definitely press the doctor for a further explanation.

Thanks for joining us, and Congratulations on surviving your cancer :)
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Thanks all, I was sent for Mri for severe headaches and numbness, My Doctors always send me for tests because of my cancer and the cancer that runs in my family, and yes this group is very knowledgeable and I love the responses I get here. I do know someone with MS, she was just diagnosed but we have not stayed in touch to much through the years.
Thank you all
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