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What is this lump on my hand?

I swear, if one more weird thing shows up....

OK, so I just happened to notice that I have an unevenly shaped lump on the back of my L hand.  (I am right-handed).  It doesn't hurt when I press on it, and feels too firm to be just fluid.  My inital google turned up ganglions, but it is not on my joint and seems perhaps too large?  It's about 1.5 inches across, and about 1.5 inches above my wrist (closer to my fingers).  It doesn't move when I push on it (like something trapped under the skin might), and is very firm, like muscle but softer than bone.  While it seems to have appeared out of no where, it could have been there for awhile without me noticing?

I don't drink or smoke (anymore) and eat mostly vegetarian leaning toward vegan (for a few months now), and exercise everyday.  

I would normally probably ignore this if I didn't have many other bizarre occurences in my overall being, from paresthesias (sp?) to ear pain to double vision.  I've had etensive testing done, including bloodwork, which showed only a high white cell count.  Could this bump be a clue into my mystery, or completely unrelated?  Any advice on how many days should I watch it before getting it looked at?  

I must be going nuts!

Thought I'd ask the combined experience of the forum if ya'll heard of this?  Feel free to giggle at me, I'm sitting here looking at this thing like "where'd YOU come from??"

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I have ganglion cysts on the inside of both wrists, on the outside of my forearms (around the widest part) and on the outside of my wrists, a little ways back from my wristbone.  None of my ganglion thingies are actually on a joint - they're usually a couple of inches away.
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Yes, now that I googled images, I'm pretty sure that's what it must be!  So, this is not a drop-everything-and-get-to-the-doctor situation, which is nice since I've gone enough for other reasons.  I'll look more into the causes and treatments, I guess it is just a weird coincidence!

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Yes this just might be a ganglion cyst.   My daughter has one and it is nothing to worry about unless it causes pain or gets large and touches nerves,,, which causes pain. other then that nothing to worry about

However If I was you i'd show my PCP at the next visit just to make sure.  Uno what I mean?  when do you see your doc again?  I also think like you that you dont need to go to the ER.  But get it checked out ok?

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If this appeared suddenly, it is far and away most likely a ganglion cyst.  They do arise in the joint , but may show up under the tendon sheath along a finger.  No, this is not an ER kind of thing.  Tell your doc next visit.  If it keeps you from full use of your hand be seen earlier.  Treatments include letting them be, injecting them with steroids, and surfgical removal, but they can always return.

Old home remedy was to hit them hard with the Bible which would suddenly pop them, or, alternatively, to put the fear of God into them.

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Heh...  They don't recommend that now, I guess because there might be fluid in them which would cause a problem if it got into your system.

I've tried to get hubby to whack me with the phonebook, but he just can't hit his wife!  ;-)
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