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What is your fatigue like?

I have days I am so tired by about 2pm that I can barely keep my eyes open.  Some days even walking feels like really hard work.  But then I have days like today where I feel pretty good.  I've been pretty productive today.  But unfortunately, I have been having more tired days than good days.

I have some friends who tell me this is normal fatigue and I just need to rest more.  I do run a lot and do other exercise.  But it doesn't seem to matter if I take a break and sleep more or not.  Like the other day, I slept in two days in a row, no exercise, and still woke up tired.  I had to take a good 2 hour nap on those days.  

My husband though thinks it's not normal for me.  I would think that he would know a little better than some friends.  I am used to being a pretty active person.  I honestly hate taking naps almost everyday.  But I feel like I wouldn't make it past 5pm if I didn't.

Does this sounds like normal fatigue?  How would you describe your fatigue?
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I have heard it that energy with MS is like money in the bank. When it is gone it is gone. Through rest you earn energy again. If you are tired you have to figure out what you did the day before.

There are drugs to help Modafinil or Adderal.

For me I am going along fine then I run out of gas. My husband can see it coming and tells me to sit down. If I am cooking I will drop the pot.

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That sounds kind of how it feels.  I have days where I am just tired but a tired that feels normal for what I have done.  The past few days I traveled to my sister's with my twins.  It is about 3.5 hours away.  Of course we were busy there and no naps for me.  I felt fine the first day.  The second day was ok.  By the time I got home that night, I was done.  Even lifting my arm just felt impossible.

I went to bed at 8:30pm and slept till 7am.  But I was still tired and had to take about a 2 hour nap that afternoon.  The next day was a little better but i still needed a nap that afternoon.  I slept well last night and finally feel better today.  So it took me two days to recover from that trip.

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I can't imagine taking care of twins. I have a friend with one child and she is tired all the time.

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I wasn't even this tired when they were little babies and still woke up in the middle of the night.  That's partly why I think this fatigue is abnormal for me.
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Have other potential causes been addressed? I know when I was anaemic (a very young, very undereducated vegan at the time), it could have been described just this way too. Fatigue is such a subjective symptom and related to so very, very many things that don't even relate to one another that I'd be hesitant to say it sounds like MS fatigue. I mean, it doesn't sound *unlike* it, but that doesn't narrow the field much necessarily.
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Fatigue seems to be my constant companion and seems to be getting worse.  Fatigue is what sent me to my primary care doctor in the first place, a few years ago and each year after.  I thought my thyroid was bad or I was anemic or something.  Of course my blood is fine and thyroid has checked out fine for years now. I knew something was wrong I just didn't know what until the ataxia came along and I flunked my MRI.

Today and all this week, by the afternoon, I get this odd feeling of pressure on the top of my head, not a head ache just pressure.  My sinuses are fine, no cold, nothing like that, just a weird pressure right on top of my head.  At the same time I get extremely tired and I mean extremely.  It's hard to work, especially when you are dealing with patients. I have to function and smile but I can barely see because I am soooooo tired.  It will ease off when I get home and get to rest a bit.  But there is never a moment when I am not somewhat tired, it's always there.  I go to bed exhausted and wake up tired, it's never ending.

My neuro is trying sleep meds right now to see if I get better sleep if that will help.  I don't have apnea.  He has mentioned giving me adderall if this doesn't work.  I see him next week.

I don't know if I helped you or not but at least you know you aren't alone!

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I'm not really asking if this sounds like MS fatigue.  Just asking if this sounds abnormal in general.  

I have my yearly physical on August 3rd.  I'm going to ask to have everything checked again: thyroid, iron, hemoglobin, ect.  I'm also going to ask to be tested for Lyme disease again.  I've had all these tests in the past.  But I think it would be good just to have everything double checked.

My neurology appointment is August 5th which was supposed to have been on July 13th but got rescheduled.  
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Hmmm. I am tired if i don't sleep till 12 or 1 PM, I go to bed at midnight or 1. I need between 9 and 10 hours of sleep on average. I will hit a tired spell during the day, I push through it, if I sleep I end up not sleeping again till 6 AM.
My sleep naturally wants to fall during the day instead of at night. Always a fight to keep it there.I can't do mornings, if I do I will just fall asleep in a chair at 3 in the afternoon and sleep till midnight.

I have been like this my whole life. Had a sleep study but found nothing other than delayed sleep and natural tendancey to sleep during day hours, aka, a Night owl.

What has been different for me, is physical fatigue that isn't relieved by sleep or stopping activities. Also, I have to sleep with the temp below 65 or I get very crummy sleep and wake up with weakness and nerve pain/numbness, and very tired.

If it is different than normal, go see your GP. Try sleeping with a box fan.
I'm not a fan of sleep meds if you can avoid since they are addicting.
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I have to agree with immisceo!

When it comes to 'fatigue' it's an overly used medical term, it has so many different causes which are not necessarily medical issues but behavioural or situational. Fatigue is a truly vague symptom and not always medically meaningful.

You've travelled for hours, not sleeping in your own bed, mixing family members together (yep some family events are exhausting lol oh is that just mine lol), eating a different diet - over eating - under eating for a few days, actively non stop busy whilst away and then you've crashed after travelling hours to get back home again......I personally don't think it is actually abnormal to feel run down and exhausted for a few days after getting back home, isn't there a saying that goes something like, I need a holiday to get over my holiday?

My teenage son sometimes needs a nap for a few days after one of his wednesday 8 hour specialist mathematics mental marathons, sometimes he's just so mentally exhausted he crashes but he's actually always been a very mentally and physically hyperactive kid. If you didn't look at the situational circumstances, you'd think it would an unusual level of fatigue and abnormal for him but under the circumstance the fatigue makes sense.

I don't really know how to work out if what you are experiencing is abnormal under the circumstances or not, what i do know is that 'fatigue' that has no identifiable cause (eg illness, dietary, sleep deprivations etc etc), doesn't improve with sleep, can't push through it etc is usually medically significant though again causation could be anything, so i'd bring it up with your next medical check up or see your GP before then if you are concerned.

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I understand that fatigue is a very general term and even a healthy person can have fatigue at times.  Keep in mind that fatigue is not my only issue giving me problems.  If it were just the fatigue, I would probably say I just must be over doing it or maybe I have a deficiency.  

Yes, I did do some traveling but that is minor compared to what I am used to doing.  That trip was 3.5 hours.  About 4 times a year we travel back home to visit family which is 11 hours away.  I usually do most of the driving then too.  The last time we took that trip before all these things started coming back, it didn't affect me the way that two day trip did earlier this week.  Sure I was tired after driving all that way and had to take a day when we got back home to rest up.  

But I think that having to take two days to recover from a little two day trip is not normal for someone my age and in my shape.  I'm young and physically fit.

I think it probably is worth mentioning to both my GP and my neurologist.  This tiredness is not what I feel like is normal for me.  

The purpose of this post was to just see if you all thought it sounded abnormal or if anyone has/had similar experiences.
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Nobody knows your body better than you!  Our docs tell our patients that all the time.  Take it to heart.  
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Okay sorry I thought i was answering your Q.....to me your recent example wouldn't be totally unexpected, so i didn't think it sounded particularly abnormal for the amount of activity you'd been doing even for someone young and fit.

Personally fatigue changes gravity, i'm way too heavy, it's like trying to move whilst carrying 10 times my body weight.........there is no pushing through it! There's a label ???? starts with 'L' lol for the life of me i can't remember aghhhhhh hmmmm anyhoo lol the level of fatigue associated with MS is itself disabling, the building could be burning and an MSer will not have enough energy to save themselves.....

Keep in mind that you could look for 'fatigue' stories just about anywhere health related and you will definitely find similar fatigue experiences, fatigue is just one of the really vague symptoms that's associated with many different things.....the bottom line though is if you think this is abnormal for you, it's definitely worth seeing your GP if it doesn't improve in the next day or so.


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