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What lucky things are you doing the week of the 13th?

It is once again time for our weekly roundup of news that is worth sharing - dr. appt., holidays, personal events  - please take a minute and let us know what's up for the week.
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Occupational Health at work today - went really well, very supportive first stage of the process is to contact Access To Work who will assess my needs to help in the job. Will also refer to (and pay for) a counselor if I would like to help me 'come to terms with' the dx. Lots more in this area to come I think - fingers crossed.

Neuro physiotherapist tomorrow after my dental appointment.

First appointment with specialist MS Nurse Thursday.

Better do some work in between all this lot!

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Still arguing with Medco and Shared Solutions. They have "No time line for Solving the Problem."  Trying to remember my balloon ride.

Have a good week all.

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Thursday I see the endocrinologist 1st thing in the AM, with nothing new to report to him.  I have orders for blood work from two different docs (PCP and the latest neuro, who is supposed to also be an MS expert).  Since the local hospital lab's in the same building as the endocrinologist, I'll do my fasting that morning and let the vampires stab away at my veins before I go to see him.

Told the customer service lady at the university hospital that I want to pursue the formal complaint against the last neuro as we had previously discussed.  No idea how that will progress.
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This morning, a root canal and two crowns, lots of pain, even with Tegretol, Valium, and novocaine; even needed extra shots of novocaine to get the work done; dry swallowed a vicodin while being driven home, then an ice pack for half an hour helped some; still don't feel like eating.

See how pain goes; if abscess doesn't clear up, must get refill of antibiotics in a couple days.

Thursday, take Fluffy in to my apartment so my friend can cat-sit.  Pick up some prescriptions.

Friday, fly to Sacramento, watch WNBA game, Sacramento Monarchs vs. Seattle Storm.

Saturday, find something fun to do.

Sunday, WNBA, Sacramento Monarchs vs. Detroit Shock.

Hope and pray that trigeminal neuralgia doesn't flare up, so I can have a decent week.

Fly back home on Monday.
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Thursday: Part two of Neuro-psych exam.
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Today (Monday) follow-up appointment with MS neuro.  Very exhausting, but a very productive meeting.  Learned lots of new things.  Will post in my journal in case anyone is interested.

Tuesday - Thursday, going to Norfolk, VA as part of a work-related program to visit the Naval installation, tour the carriers and be briefed on the work of the Naval Station.  Should be fun.  
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Another round of IV steroids to try and knock out the vertigo and falling episodes. Timeline to be announced when academic neuro contacts local neuro who then has to set it up with the Infusion Center.
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Well to start with I'm jealous of those getting tooth work done! :) I'm dieing for my body to be healthy enough to get my needed dental work done.

I am planning on picking up some rock this week for my flower beds. Hate to weed them). Today would have been a good day for that, but instead I spent the day up in Nashville at the VA with my friend as he has been having a lot of trouble getting them to send his meds.

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I finally got my Rebif Training at work today.  I'm giving myself my first shot tonight - wish me luck (LOL).  

Fluffy'sMom, take your cooling bandanna to Sacto - it's hotter 'n' Hades there!

I dunno, Dennis, I find weeding kinda theraputic - kinda like pretending they're all the incompetents in the medical world, and I can put them in the bucket and dump them into the compost heap!

Have a good week,
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My darling third daughter turned three yesterday!  :-)  We were lucky enough to have family in town to celebrate with us, though now I'm WIPED out.  
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Just hanging out with the boys, and being a little bit bummed that summer is going so quickly.  Playing in the dirt ( I have a TON of perennial gardens).

Working on a referral to the Mpls Clinic of Neurology, but kind of scared to make the appointment.
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Big week for many here - especially today, Thursday. Let us know how you made out.

For me, I've taken a few days off this week, and am just going to enjoy them with the kids.
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