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What's ahead in your week, March 21st - 27th?

Since it's Sunday night, let's launch our usual weekly "What's up?" thread.  If you're new here, welcome.  We often like to share with one another what's on the schedule for the coming week, and since nobody else seemed to start it this week, I did.
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Birthday Tuesday (53), so church gave me a "surprise" (I won't tell) potluck dinner after this morning's service.  Very nice.  Spring break week, & Tim's off, so Nancy took the week as vacation, and we're heading for a couple days & nights in a cabin in the woods, in SE Ohio's beautiful Hocking Hills region.  Tim has a cousin I've not met who will go along, and we actually found a place that allows Annie & Bandit to come along, so that will be interesting.  I can't wait to see Bandit's reaction when he sees his first deer.

Medically, nothing much happening.  I seem to be changing little lately, with near as many good hours as bad, I think.  Had a nasty cold all this week, but it's a lot better today & seems to be on its' way out.  I am insured again (at least I was, but Congress is still in session, so no man  is safe, according to Will Rogers... or was that Mark Twain?).  Left knee is screaming at me -- a really sharp, stabbing pain that seems to have no trigger, and isn't always precisely in the same spot.

Hoping to help Nancy with housecleaning & other chores, as well as further updating the church website.  Exciting week, eh?
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Happy Birthday Pastor Dan!! And I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Sounds like a lovely and relaxing week coming your way - hope the pain in your knee takes a break too.
I am finishing up my third day of IV steroids tomorrow. No side effects to speak of - I am thrilled about that and just waiting for the improvement to kick in. I think the Baclofen I started last week is beginning to help my legs and arm. Feeling better today than I have in a couple of weeks.
Wish a good and healthy week to you all.
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Happy Birthday Pastor Dan!!!! I've got you beat by a year and a day. One day earlier and sadly  only one year younger, lol. I hope your trip is relaxing and  refreshing. Sounds like the perfect getaway.

Waiting on  my local neuro to finish setting up the pre-cert , etc for another round of IV steroids. Hopefully they will kick this latest relapse in the seat of the pants. Tired of the fatigue, the falling and the upper arm weakness.

Nothing else exciting for me either. Hope every one has a good week!

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Well, happy birthday to you too, ren!  May it be the most blessed yet!
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Happy Birthday Pastor Dan, and Happy Birthday to Ren!

What am I doing this week, trying to deal with another golf ball abscess, trying to work out if its the dentist i need to see or the GP, none of my teeth hurt so i cant work out why i keep getting these golf balls. Weird its not painfull, my ear hurts a bit and my throat is sore but otherwise its just numb and tingly, yes and lots and lots of swelling, which is uncomfortable and makes talking a tad difficult. There must be something in the air around April that throws my system loopy, it happened last year too.

Trying to not kill anyone, i seem to have lost my calm tollerant self, it feels like i'm bulding up for an all out screaming match, but I cant really put my finger on why, just this irritation when i've had to repeat my self again, oh and again, oh and again! I lost my cool after the 12th time of asking (nicely) my son to close the door when he went through it, its no big deal right but now i cant seem to let things go, all i seem to do is repeat myself and no one is taking any notice unless i've lost my temper. So i'm not that happy at the moment and trying to work on whats going on with me, lots of meditation and sleeps but i'm still peeed at things i would normally not bat an eye at.

I'm going to go now cause i'm annoying my self for being out of sorts and not cool calm and collected, i need to get over my self lol!


PS here's hoping everyone has a good week, including me!
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Happy birthday PastorDan and Ren!!!!

I have nothing special planned. A rather boring week actually *yawn*.

Oh, who am I kidding?!? I have my MRI's on wednesday!!!!!!! I'm going back and forth between being excited that this is finally happening and I might finally get some answers....and being scared to death that this is finally happening and it might give me some answers LOL. With the occasional dark thought of "they wont find anything and I'm not going to get any answers" before my natural optimism kicks in again.

I still have this darn cold. If it is not better, or if it is worse tomorrow, I will call the lab and find out if I can take some cold medicine before the MRI or if I need to reschedule the whole thing. I'm praying they say just take the cold medicine.

Other then that I have a pretty normal week. Get the kids off to school, entertain the younger ones, cleaning, cooking...lather, rinse, repeat...

Hope everyone has a great week :-)
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