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What's going on with me????

I have been dealing with these symptoms for the past 8 years. About 18 months ago I resigned from my job before they could fire me regarding my performance.

I need help. I have had doctors tell me to lose weight WQQ

Fatigue – Days that it is nearly impossible to make it to bedtime

I fluctuate between losing weight w/out trying to gaining the same weight back regardless of how much or little I eat.

Most days I have no appetite to speak of; I have to force myself to eat some days just to keep husband from nagging at me about eating.

Nausea and vomiting

Sugar and salt cravings

Neck and shoulder pain

Lower back and hip pain

Disturbed sleep – feels like I’m awake all night and/or insomnia.

Headaches that can last from 3 to 7 days (Current headache is on day 23)

Numbness and tingling sensations in arms, hands, legs and feet

Brain fog: Difficulty remembering what task I was working on, concentrating, reading or trying to recall details of project(s).  Can’t remember the right words, mispronouncing my words or feeling spaced out on some days.

Visual disturbances – floaters in eyes, trouble seeing shapes and details at night.

Coordination Problems – Loss of Balance

Muscle cramps (nighttime)

Pain and burning in my muscles; muscle stiffness (hard to bend over at times)

Dizziness (vertigo) and ringing in my ears

Nervousness, fear, anxiety

IBS – with accidents

UTI and yeasts infections

Dark hair growth, skin tags (around eyes and eye lids) white lumps, and acne on my face
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Hi, Wondering!

Welcome to the forum!  My what a mixed bag of symptoms you have!  I'm sorry you're suffering so. And for so long.  Surely you've seen a doctor along the way, had some testing done -- blood tests at least.  What kinds of results have you had?  What does your doctor say, besides losing weight?  And, don't we all need to?   ; )  

Have these symptoms all been constant?  Do they wax and wane?  Are they present together?

If you can let us know a few more specifics, perhaps we can help you a bit better.

Take care!

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WELCOME!!!! Sounds like you have had it real rough for awhile. Have you ever had any MRI's done? The balnce and memory probs are signs of MS, but are also signs of othere thhings too. Have you seen a neuro yet for definite answeres??? If not, would recommend getting a referral from your dr. You'd have more answers then.

Not being hungry- not sure about that. I sometimes don't eat much either. But that;s mostly on my days off. Loosing weight- Does your dr think that's what's causing you probs or are they clueless? Karina
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