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What's shaking this week? Besides our bodies...


Who's got what going on this superbowl eve week?  Anything new? Any visiting old? Give up your good, bad, or ugly.

Today I'm getting new imaging to see what's been going on on the inside the past 2-3 yrs. Home stuff, work and then battening down the hatches for another round of snow, sleet, whathave you.

Who's next?
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Good Monday morning. It's a beautiful sunny day where I live this morning -but of course with the sunshine comes the VERY cold temps.  I will take my dog for a walk when it warms up a bit.

I have a follow up with my neuro tomorrow to review MRIs taken last week.  I am very nervous about this appt , as I don't really know this neuro.  All the work I did getting diagnosed was with his PA - who I was very comfortable with.  He has left the practice.

Also - it's not clear to me that I have MS even though I'm being treated. I am really wondering about lymes - my dog has it - Tons of deer around my yard with lots of woods/gardens -  Problem is I just don't want to deal with wondering/testing etc.  Easier to accept MS - and treat rather than not knowing again.   But of course I'll discuss with the doc and see what he thinks.

We have lots more snow coming our way too - later in the week, so my snow gear will be ready to snowblow - Glad Feb is a short month - I'm ready for spring.
Have a great week everyone.
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We have an ice storm on the way with a huge snowfall to follow.  Guess it is a good time to clean closets....lol

Again two doctor appointments tomorrow which will probably be cancelled...Oh joy!
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No doctors appointments for me this week yay! I only have school on Tuesday and Thursday but with the ice storm coming we will have to see if I will have school tomorrow or not.
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Good luck with your imaging!  

Nothing going on here.  Kids, work, home....same old!  I am hoping for more rain than frozen precip.  I am soooo ready for Spring!

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I will have my first Tysabri infusion on Wednesday. I am nervous about it, but found out today that I will be part of the study, and will have my blood drawn on Wednesday to be sent to Bigen for the JC Virus testing....
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We are expecting a big storm to begin maybe late tonight or if not it will be tommorow.  They say we are getting at least a foot.  Although I have lived in the midwest for a number of years now, I dont think I have ever seen a foot of snow.

I'm worried about losing the heater and power.  I won't be able to get out either so I'm going to hope for the best.

I have the medical dentistry appointment on Thursday and my therapist on Friday.

Have a great week everyone!

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