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What's up this week of December 11?

It looks like we slipped  last week and didn't do a weekly roundup of news relating to appointments, special events and other news you may want to share with us. Here it is a new week and time again to share, so what's going on this week?

Fortunately I have no doctor appointments on the calendar for the week but have replaced them with a busy holiday schedule.  It appears the holiday season swings into full gear this week - Monday night is our work dinner party,  Tuesday is a lunchtime celebration with about 50 colleagues, Wednesday night an NMSS holiday pot-luck dinner,  Thursday is the annual luncheon celebration compliments of the dean of my college for all of us support staff, Friday night dinner and cards with longtime friends.  Our first granddaughter's 7th birthday is next weekend, so that will be more parties and cake.   I won't lack for good food this week and even better conversation and company.  

What about you?  What's happening this week that you might want to share?
best to all,
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Your week sounds like fun!  Just try not to tire yourself out;)

For me:  Dentist appt Tuesday and then continue to try to get my 3T MRI!  
I also have to give a five minute demonstration on Thursday.  (I may have to cancel it though- I'm just not walking well enough.)

Have a great week everyone!
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I'm good til the 28th of December and then head out of state for my MS neuro appointment and my eye doctor appt.  will be gone 2 weeks.
Everyone have a good holiday.  I'm up to my ears on good days with cookies and egg nog and all the other holiday goodies the family insists be made at home.........
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Christmas greetings to all,
Tuesday we have our work Christmas party. I finish work on Thursday which is only 3 more sleeps for me, yah! Then it is holiday time until the middle of January.

2011 has been the longest year of my life and I am feeling so happy that all the work will soon be finally over. It is shortly time to chase kids, socialise, prepare yummy healthy foods and just relaxxxxxxxx.

Here's wishing that all our MS takes a holiday too.
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The only news here is that I found out when my Audiology appointment is. It will not be until Jan 13th, but hopefully they will order some hearing aids for me. It is bad enough trying to understand people with normal hearing and MS, but when you have trouble hearing the people in the first place forget it. I get so tired of asking everyone to repeat what the said to me. :(

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Oh my!  Out of state!  If I had to do that, I just wouldn't be able to go at all! (No money for that kind of travel.)  I hope it goes well, and you get what you need.

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I am starting a round of 3 days IV solumedrol..at home..in my jammies sipping on a cup of tea. Hoping it will quiet things down.
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Polly and I met Lynne Rossetta Kasper, the host of the Splendid Table (a radio show about food), this week end and heard her talk. I am going to try some of the recipes in her book this month. I can't eat but she said something interesting, cooking takes most of your senses so therefore is a good distraction. I need distraction. Plus I can take food to all my friends who can't cook because of illness which gets me out of the house.

Training Grady the Service pup, riding the horse, making my xmas card, etc. Life is good!

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Going to pick up my AFO today for my foot drop - hopefully this will help me walk somewhat better and then the biggie - - -

Tomorrow an appt with my neuro to go over LP test results from a week ago so we shall see what this shall bring.  I am having such conflicting feelings about it all, Scared to hear what she says, hopeful to have a DX finally worried on how I am going to handle what she says -

Best part of the week taking off work on Wednesday to bake cookies for the day - something I absolutely love!

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No  medical appointments this week,  but I'm dealing with lower back pain I hope swimming will help.

Sending off the last Christmas gift-  Online of course....

Take everyone..

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Allergist today, MRI Wednesday, PT Friday,

My kids' school Christmas parties are this week and we are making our teacher gifts. And my 12 year old wants me to take him to buy his girlfriend a present (EEEK!) He said he would use his own $. Why do they have to grow up?! =(

Otherwise, we are going to make some Christmas treats and wrap some gifts!
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I have my referral to an  Ear nose and throat specialist on Wednesday and find out if I need surgery to graft my ear drum or not.  

At the beginning of November I jumped in the pool and had  the instant feeling of water in my ear that I could not get out!   The next day I put a few drops of peroxide to try and dry it out and had instant nerve headache, and really painful ear!  Went to my family doctor and he told me I had a large hole (my whole ear drum is perforated) and I will need a graft to close it, so here I am 6 weeks later for my specialist appointment. Hopefully no surgery. My family doc told me last week it looked like it was closing but still 2/3 perforated.

I have had trouble with ear infections because of Myeloma, and already had a perforated ear drum the year before my cancer diagnosis.  not sure if it related to the last batch of ear infections I had in the spring (multiple courses of antibiotics) or if It happened when  I flew last month (the descent can pop ear drums).

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It sure sounds like a mixed bag of appointments this week - good luck to all of you. As for the rest, enjoy the peace and quiet of your week!
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