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When to start MS medication????


I was diagnosed with MS (95%)  I have to have a lumbar puncture in Jan to confirm and rule out other causes.  I have 24 frontal brain lesions and I am symptomac daily with dizziness, pain, feeling like I am out of sorts on the extreme side ect.  I have been sick since March and am finally Diagnosed now.  I am presently on lyrica 100mg t.i.d.  Zoplicone od, Baclofen 10mg q.i.d, lipitor 40mg, buscopan prn and tylenol 3 for breakthrough pain.  I want to know if it is a good idea to ask my gp to start on copaxome for ms.  I figure it couldn't hurt as I have tried many drugs in the past nine months.  I started with GI problems which made me lose 32 pounds in four months.  My neurologist said no wonder the gastroenterologist couldn't find anything wrong with you you have MS and this is another symptom of the disease.  I am also wondering if it could be the Lyrica giving me the problems with the high feeling ect.  I have been on Lyrica for 2 months and i dont think its really helping me except to screw up my senses.  I would appreciate any information/advise you may have

Tom yurkiw  
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Goodness... with 24 brain lesions, I'm surprised you're having to go through an LP.  

Lyrica is usually prescribed for neuropathic pain.  Baclofen is for the spasticity and spasms common with MS.  So the question is - is your pain from spasticity, or is it neuropathic?  

Lyrica can cause you to feel a little spacey, but then again I felt pretty spacey for the first two years after diagnosis.  I had vertigo and dizziness for a year and a half.

If you're diagnosed, now is a good time to start the process of getting Copaxone.  Check with your insurance to see what the copay will be.  They have financial assistance but it's a long and complex process.  
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