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Where is everyone? Roll call check in time!

It has been a very quiet week around here, and I hope that means everyone is off enjoying life.  It feels like we need to take  roll call to see who's around, so count off!!

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Hi, Lulu.

I've been busy with Vet appts. for my 13 and 1/2 year old, Yorkie, Kia. She was diagnosed, Tuesday, in chronic renal failure.

She had 8 loose teeth removed yesterday, but has handled the surgery well, and eating the homemade renail failure diet, very well.

It's like deja vu for me-I went through this with my older Yorkie, Sydney, beginning in Oct. of'2011. I lost Sydney just 5 months later.

We'll be leaving on Monday to go over to the IN Dunes State Park for 3 and 1/2 days. Need to get away, and try to find a way to cope.

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I'm here. I have been reading (lurking) most days but typing while wearing hand splints is painful and slow, so you haven't seen much of me lately.
Sorry for the absence. Since the splints are seeming to become a permanent thing, I am going to look into products such as Dragon Speak.

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Off on R&R "walk about"
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Also lurking :)
I just saw a Neuro for the first time 2 weeks ago, who did bloodwork, VER, MRIs and an LP. I'm just waiting for my follow up appoinments now. We'll see if things get narrowed down at least.

Always informative reading here.
Thanks guys.

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Sheila sorry about your dog.

Ren sorry about the splints.

I still have no immune system though my fever broke. Waiting to see how my blood work was again today.

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Checking in,  

Still sitting around trying to get my back in shape from the surgery.

The grass hasn't been cut in three weeks, and still doesn't need to be cut because of the drought, and that's ok with me.

Started PT this week,  the Dr wanted 3x  a week for 6 weeks.
The Therapist said  I rather  should do PT 2x a week and have more weeks,

Looks like rain today.

take care
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Thank you so much. I lost my older Yorkie to the same disease, 16 and 1/2 months ago.

They have been my reason to fight so hard for my diagnosis.

I'm glad your fever broke.

I hope your blood work shows improvement today,

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Who else is around, come out and say hello!
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Hi, I'm checking in again to say hi. Now I have a possible relapse and started a medrol dose pack last night. Geez, it must be in the water or something, right, with all these relapsing going around. At least I'm not taking the IVSM - that always kicks my butt and I am forced to stop it early.  

Sheila, sorry about your furry family member. We had to take our husky in this week for her cataracts in her eyes for a follow-up and she's only 3 yrs old.

Alex, I'm always thinking of you and trying to send positive thoughts your way.

I'm so glad it's Friday and I'm off tomorrow and Sun. I need a break!
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I am here - working lots and trying to do what I can with this heat!  Been a bad week for me  - not physically but in my head -  Guess that will happen and its been the first since my dx in December.  Think it is just being so tired and feeling like there is no end in sight with working every day -  May actually take a "sick" day on Monday from my full time job to do something FUN!  At least fun for me -  hang out with my four legged babies and read!

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I've been lurking a bit lately.  Reading up on the MRI criteria, etc.  So much useful info here.  Such a special place as well.  I'm feeling grateful again that I've found you all.  

I've got part 2 of my followup MRIs coming up in about 10 days so I'm doing blood work and starting treatment for that soon.  Not much else going on here other than that and trying to hang out up in the mountains as much as possible as it's quite hot here lately.

Sheila, I'm sorry about your dog's troubles.  It's stressful watching them go through things like this and my heart goes out to you and Kia.  

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I've been bouncing in and out...  but posted a few times :)   Still waiting to make my first appointment for reflexology, the center is checking with two of their therapists to see which one has more experience with MS patients.  The office manager knows one of them has worked with an MS center before joining their center, but can't remember which (they were hired before the office manager).

Gonna start up my chiropractic visits again.  Having some lower back achees and know that is related to some minor arthritis and slight bulge disc.  Have a great chiropractor, my neuro has just been very concerned that any visits exclude neck manipulations due to all the issues there to begin with :)

Sheila - I am so sorry to hear about the fur kids..   I hope Kia is doing well and is able to enjoy your company for a while longer.

Ren - How old is your computer?   What windows verision are you using?  Microsoft includes a speech recognition program in the windows package starting with Vista.  You may already have the software you need!!!   To see if you have it on your computer, go to start, control panel and the last option listed in right column is 'ease of access'.   There is an option for speech recognition, just setup a microphone :)   I have not tried it on my laptop, but if need help, just message me direct!   My hubby is a techie geek (love you if you're reading this!! :)...   So, whatever I can't figue out, know he will!!

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Hi folks. I've been reading almost every day, but as typing is not my forte, I respond only when I feel I can add something useful to the discussion.

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well its been a week since diagnosis and its been a busy one had a phone call yesterday with MSlifeline to set up my Rebif it will take about a week or so to get the insurance straightened out but the most I will pay is $50 no matter what the copay is I am so grateful that there is finacial help out there for these expensive meds.

I started PT again this week need to gt strenth back in left leg and work on balance.

I had my urodynamics tests this morning can you say ouch but no results yet but she did say I am retaining urine so we will see what happens next

goig to the beach on sunday to hang with friends other than that keeping cool

take care
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I'm here!  Mostly reading posts, but I'm here. Just sick of talking about me and my problems.

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Kat -

Good to hear you are keeping busy and taking the bull by the horns :)   Makes all the difference in the world!

I found that basic yoga was amazing for my balance issues.  My neuro convinced me to get the Wii and use the Wii Fit Plus.  I've pretty  much resolved my balance issues...  they do the age based on balance and coordination type tests.   I'm 43...  when I first started I was in my 60s I think...  now, outside of goobering up a test, I typically am around 32 :)  Think I've been 32 the last 4 or 5 times I did the body test.   So definitely has helped me :)    And some of the games are fun too :)  still a big kid at heart!!!

Have a wonderful day at the beach!!!  

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Hi, Kelly.

I'm so sorry that you may have a possible relapse. I hope the medrol dose helps you.

Thank you for your kind words about Kia. I'm sorry that your Husky has cataracts at such a young age. My son and his wife have a beautiful Siberian Husky.

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Thank you for your kind words about Kia. It really is stressful to watch her go through renal failure.

When I lost Sydney on 2/28/11, to renal failure, the stress was so bad, that my MS progressed.

I'm trying very hard now, to remind myself, that I have been blessed to have Kia for 13 and 1/2 years, and maybe with her homemade renal failure diet, it won't progress too quickly.

I'm very glad you found this group, too.

I joined, long before I was diagnosed. And it was a rough road to my diagnosis.....

I don't post often, my eyes get too blurry looking at the laptop monitor.

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Hi, Jen.

Thank you, I am hoping I will have Kia longer.....

When Sydney was diagnosed, we lost her in just 5 short months.

But the most important thing my DH and I are watching is her quality of life.
We won't let her suffer.

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Hi, Mike.

I'm the same way. I don't post often. But I try to read & learn. My eyes get too blurry.

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I've just come out of "lurking" and have to fight the urge not to monopolize the forum!

Today is my birthday, and a bittersweet one at that. It is my first birthday without my mother, who died unexpectedly on December 30. I love you Mom, and thank you for giving birth to me and raising me to be the person I am.

I have just submitted FMLA papers to my employer. On Monday I go for another MRI. I hope that this time around, I get a diagnosis. This has been going on for two long and has a significant impact on so many aspects of my life.

Something funny...I'm sure many of you have experience that "bugs crawling" on your skin sensation. Well, I'm going through this one again, but I also have some uninvited carpenter ants in my house, so I have to look to see if it's a real bug or just the system going whacky!

JB- my lawn has not been mowed in more than three weeks, but unlike you, we have had rain and it needs to get mowed before the neighbors start to complain. One neighbor (my birthday twin!) plans to do it today. TY!

Jen- I'll have to look into the Wii Fit Plus.

Sheila- sorry to hear about your buddy. Hope all goes well.

Ren- My sister has permanent partial disability where she can no longer type and Dragon Speak works really well for her, so go for it with voice recognition software...all that much better if it comes with your computer!

Alex- glad your fever broke...what was it from?

Hope everyone's week is the best that it can be!
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Nautical a fyi, I'm on my cell phone and for some reason I can only see the first so many comments.  I hit get more results, and all it does is think and think.  Ot wont go through, so I'm not intentionally ignoring anyone I just can't see the comments.

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I'm so sorry that this is your first birthday without your Mom. Definitely makes it bitterwsweet-but please try to celebrate your day, to honor your Mom.

Thanks for your kinds thoughts for Kia.

I hope you get your diagnosis-not that I want anyone to have MS, but I understand, wanting the diagnosis so you can get on treatment and move forward in your life.

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Thanks, this all makes me feel better, even if some of you are sharing not so good news.  At least I know you are still around anda  part of this special place.  I was afraid everyone had gone off someplace else and forgot to come back! LOL

hugs to all,.
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