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Who are you?

Okay, so we all have issues which could or couldn't be MS or a number of related things ....but I know I am more than my symptoms!

I am a 25 year old mother of an (almost) 2 year old boy and step-mother to an 8 year old little girl. I am Jamaican born and raised but live and work in the Cayman Islands. I have a husband who I love but is a pain in the *** sometimes (aren't they all???) Apologies to the men on the forum, I'm sure you're different!

I love going to the beach, reading (mostly horror, fiction, suspense....favourite authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Anne Rice....) and playing computer games (World of Warcraft at the moment - lol), I love animals, especially dogs and have bred and trained American Pit Bull Terriers for about 9 years now.

I'm a scorpio and have been told since I was about 3 years old that I am the most argumentative, stubborn person most people in my life have ever met. I will question if the sky is blue and will argue with you about it until you agree it is green with pink spots - LOL

Hence why I started law school, I didn't finish though as I quickly realized I do not like most lawyers. Figured that could be a problem... I've always wanted to do Veterinary medicine but I could never pass chemistry in high school....sigh.

So...in a nutshell, that is me!

Who are YOU???
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Hi!  I LOVE your post!  I will respond when I have more time.  I'm at work right now, but wanted to say I love the idea!  You sound like a wonderful person.  I'd love to argue with you!  Truly.  I love a great debate!

Lator, Gator!

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Awesome idea!  Nice to "meet you".

My real name is Lisa. I am 42, married to my college sweetheart and love of my life (second only to our 20-yr-old son). I live near Pittsburgh, born and raised here. Went to Penn State (obviously) for BS and MS in communication disorders. There I developed a deep passion for working with individuals with mental retardation, specialized in it there, never looked back. I currently supervise a very experienced team of MR supports coordinators; I also teach CPR and 1st aid as well as other MR related topics, and investigate allegations of abuse against folks w/ MR for the state office of mental retardation. I absolutely LOVE my job and can't stand to miss a day - as I am today.

I come from a large family - 6 kids. Most of us still live close to each other, which is awesome. Both parents were work-aholics and so are the kids mostly. My mom passed in '94 - will get over that someday. Don't know what I'd ever do without my Dad. He is my rescuer when I find myself at work or somewhere then unable to drive home due to my spasms or vertigo. He's the cutest thing you ever want to meet.

In my spare time, I am a  "volunteer-aholic" - church (teach Sunday school, lector ....), Salvation Army, various soccer teams, non-profits, etc. My mother was an ex-nun, so I was "bred" for it! I am a tremendous fan of dogs (red ones especially) or anything else with fur, poker - play online alot, soccer (have coached, referred and sat on boards for it), and all things Penn State - I have a life-sized cut out of Joe Paterno in my office! Oh yeah, and star-gazing - LOVE watching for shooting stars. I never plan to grow up, but fake it well at work, lol.

By the way, Jl, my son and his friends tell me I should have been a lawyer - always ready for a good debate, on justice or any other topic:)

So, that's me!  Penn

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Hola!  Okay...who am I?  Well, 31 years old, married my college sweetie who I met online in a chat room back in the prehistoric age (my parents flipped out, thought I was meeting an ax murderer).  Nowadays it seems pretty normal!  I have two kiddos...6 year old son just started kindergarten this year, and my 3 year old girl.  I graduated with a geology degree in college and used to be sharper than a tack, not so much now.  Feeling duller with each passing year. :)  So much for being valedictorian.  I worked for a few years in geology consulting, and then moved into environmental farm planning.  I quit work after I had my first baby to stay home and raise him proper.  Been loving being at home, enjoying the kiddos and fleshing out my passions in other areas.

I love to knit, bake, garden, and do pysanky (egg decorating with wax and dyes).  I'm hoping to make some money with it - maybe not a lot, but enough I can justify buying supplies! :)  I am also an animal-aholic.  We have 8 kitties, and 30 chickens, although those couple roosters are going to have to go.  Keep attacking the kiddos.  I like watching movies, although that is an occasional pleasure with the kids so young, but my hubby and I like to sit and watch the tv too.  I usually don't read too much fiction, but I like non-fiction how-to books.  You should see my bookshelves.  I love learning new things.  Too bad none of it sticks around for long. :)

I live in the toolies, and I love it.  Hate the city.  I love the bucolic atmosphere, and wouldn't have it any other way.  I get to see gorgeous snow-covered mountains every day, salty sea air, and the most mesmerizing blue skies you'll ever see - none of that hazy smoggy **** for me!

I'll probably go back to work once my youngest is in school, but I'm enjoying my slow life at the moment.

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Terrific idea!!
My real name is Monika(my name I use on here is what my nieces call me) and I'm a 43 year old female, 16 years common-law with my hubby (if it ain't broke don't fix it view on marriage lol) and no children as I am unable. But our dog Rusty makes up for that. Yes I am an avid dog lover!! I have 2 wonderful older sisters and fantastic parents. I live in Ontario, Canada in an area we call the great white north. We have some fun winters here.

I work at a private boarding school for troubled teen girls in the residence for 2 years now. I am also taking a home correspondence course in counseling. I love my job and the girls there. I have been on sick leave but am going back this week for a couple of days to see how I do. I'm hoping to be able to work at least 3 days a week if my health allows.

I love reading books and enjoy anything from metaphysical books to fantasy and intrigue and I even enjoy an Archie comic book once in a while. lol My all time favorite book is Lord of the Rings. I also enjoy cooking, gardening and playing computer games. Once a week my girlfriends and I have a Bingo night on Pogo. I also love animated movies and I'm pretty sure I own most of them. I too will never grow up. lol

I'm a Virgo and like things done a certain way and will give you a really good argument as to why it should be done my way. lol

Well that's me in a nutshell ( yes I'm a nut lol)

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thought Id add to this one my names chris ( hate christine) got married to my hubby 34 yrs ago now Im 50 oops where did it go ! Had four kids all grown up now with kiddies of their own and I love them to bits ! Live with my hubby whose got health problems as well ! Got a good sense of humour usually and like wise a Virgo whose not a perfectionist so perhaps my mum got my birthdate wrong lol I used to work with crisis kids in the care system in the uk hence the sense of humour I suppose ! Love animals got a staffy whose cuddly , and like reading , beading , and car boots
xx chris
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  Great post and wonderful idea. And here's Johnny..

  Hmmm, 47 years young, male, extremely good looking (hey, it's the internet, I can say anything right?), OK, just an average good looking guy.. sorry can't help it. I'm in pretty good physical shape, 6' tall and 185 lbs.

  I was born in Maine (USA) and spent my first 18 years there. OK, but a bit cold for me, I don't like anything below 75F. I joined the US Air Force at 18 and traveled a small part of the world. I spent 6 years in the Philippines and another 6 years in Central America (Panama). I was in for 20 years and then retired. The other 8 years I spent bouncing around the US. Mississippi, Utah, Michigan, New Hampshire, Florida, and Texas.

  I was an air traffic controller for 16 years, the last 4 years I was the Air Field Manager which overseas the daily operation of the airport. I loved the service and the friends I made. A very good bunch of people.

  I'm a democrat but tend to just go with my gut feelings on politics. I don't care for the current US policy and administration and think it's time to break the taboos and elect a woman president. It might just send a signal to the rest of the world that the US is ready for a change.

  I was a healthy, active, 5 day a week golfer. I played league basketball for 15 years, I love racquetball but seldom play anymore. Golf has become a once or twice a year event because of my health. In fact, just about most of the things I loved to do are on the back burner for now.

  I have a lovely wife of 27 years, we have two children. My sone is 25 and my daughter 20.

  I have had two jobs in 47 years. The Air Force and now with a semiconductor manufacture where I do sustaining work. A step below engineering stuff, basically fix the stuff that someone else messed up if its possible. I work in an electrical testing lab and get to wear a cool white jacket, gloves, hair bonnet and mask. Needless to say I don't come home from work dirty.

  I was going to retire in the Philippines however I was living on the side of Mt Pinatubo when it erupted for the first time in 600 years. My family and I had an hours notice to take whats important and leave. I never returned to my home, and seven weeks later we were evacuated from there and that was the last time I saw the country I had fallen in love with. 85-90 everyday and sunny!

  I now live in Maine again. When i retired from the Air Force I was going to settle in Florida but decided that my kids had not been around their grandparents much and that Maine was were we needed to be. Three years later my dad passed any from cancer, 2 years after that my mom from cancer. A year later my wifes parents moved to Florida. Nice. So here I sit in Maine wondering why I didn't stay in Florida. Well it was really nice to spend time with my parents at the end and I wouldn't have traded that for anything.

  Hey, did I say I was 6'3" and good looking yet? Love the internet..

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Room for another little one.....

My real name is Emma, although Em to friends and family.  I'm 31 (just, had to get that in). Very happily married to a wonderful man called Rob.  We've only been married just over 2 years but have been together 12 years in total.  He is my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, my strength and my voice of reason.

No kids but I came off the pill recently so fingers crossed.  From a large family, I am the youngest of 7 kids, 4 big brothers and 2 big sisters.  Although I'm the youngest I am also the tallest....at 5ft 11, which my brothers hate...my revenge for years of torment from them when I was younger...lol.

I work for the government in education which I really enjoy...if not a little pressured at times. My claim to fame is that I left home at 10 years old to train as a classical ballet dancer.  Unfortunately my knees gave way under my height at the age of 17 so had to gracefully retire....can still do the splits though...my famous party trick after too many glasses of wine.

I am a big sports fan and before all this happened you would normally find me at the gym, in the pool or on the bike. Love reading, particularly thrillers and ghosty type books, love all that paranormal stuff...just as long as it's not in my house.  We moved into our new house about 2 years ago and my mum and sister are convinced that the development is haunted...probably is as my house is built on an old battle site....spooky. I really enjoy painting canvasses too.  

Normally do alot of fund raising too.  For a number of years I have completed an annual distance swim for charity.  My dad has parkinsons so I usually swim for the local branch he goes to but I've also raised money for other charities like cancer research, ms (ironically) and a blind charity in the uk.

And I'm a cancerian...

Thats pretty much it. oh yeah, almost forgot.  I live in the UK on the border of Northumberland, although I am orginally from Yorkshire...I will always be a yorkshire pudding at heart though.

That's me.

Em (aka the tall one)

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Love it......still laughing.  Great fun.
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Thought I would chime in here  :)    My friends and I always thought we were comedians (especially after rum/cokes ).. when  a guy would introduce himself to me I would say..
Hi, I'm Roxanne  I have MS and 3 biracial kids... How many guys do you think came back knocking at my door!!  It has been a running joke for 7 yrs now!!    
Anyway,  I do have 3 kids...10, 8, & 5  my 5 yr old son had brain damage at birth with autistic traits.. so you can possible imagine what our house is like if he is having a bad day at the same time as I am!!  My poor fiance...which I met online few yrs ago.  My kids and I moved from Indiana to central California last year... I graduated college first with business  then Teachers degree (special ed),  didnt think I would like that  so I went back for Nursing degree..  quit work in 2003 from being a hospice nurse, my mom had just died from cancer.. and my dad was dx with prostate cancer few days before my mom died.. so neuro thought it was time for me to stop and take care of myself and family . so here I have 3 degrees and Im a stay at home mom (thanks to MS).. but I volunteer at church and at my kids schools..
Im the youngest of 7 kids (4 girls and 3 boys)  and NO I'm not the spoil the one!
Well.. I think thats the jist of it!!
My 25 yr old niece just asked me today.. are you still a country girl or u a city girl now.. my reply was... YOU CAN TAKE THE GIRL OUT OF THE COUNTRY, BUT YA CANT TAKE THE COUNTRY OUT OF THE GIRL!!    YEEE HAAAAAAAAAAA   :)
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Well lets see. My name is Lisa. I am married to my husband Blake.. We have three gorgeous boys.. Stetson 20, Derek 15, & Colton 13... My whole family is so good understanding how I feel with my up and down days... I have been diagnosed with possible MS.. But due to lost insurance I havent completed testing...
Anyways,  I  love the outdoors, love to travel and spend time with family....
I recently quit my job as an EMT  in the Emergency Room, Due to my health problems...
But, I hope and pray soon, I can get it under control and keep doing what I love... Taking care of other people...

I love hearing everyones story and I think you had an excellent idea for people to tell WHO THEY ARE....
Everyone is welcome to visit my Myspace page at  myspace.com/lisarenee36   ... I would love to share stories and be here for anyone that would just like to talk...

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Hmmm.....I'm afraid I have become someone defined by my disability.  But, I will tell you a little about how I got here - minus most of the medical stuff.

I am the youngest of two, my sister, 18 months older now lives with me and is my main caretaker.  

We moved all over the western US growing up, but landed in So Cal for high school.  I was the typical, geeky brain, on the speech team and the swim team.  In college I was a dual Pre-Med and Spanish Literature Major, graduated Magna, Phi Beta Kappa and Hypo Gamma Chondria, and went on to USC School of Med.  The spanish was the smartest thing I could ever have done, as I also trained at LA County General (largest teaching hospital in the world) and about 90% Spanish-speaking-only patients.

Initially I did an old fashioned Rotating Internship - combining Medicine, OB/Gyn, Peds, and Surgery.  Then off to the Indian Health Service who I was a general Medical Officer in the Public Health Service for three years.  It was in Yuma, AZ and I started in July.  I signed all the employment papers, and because the PHS is a (sort of) branch of the military (you know, head guy is the Surgeon General) my mom and I were of to the Marine base to the commissary to stock up.

Well, they stopped us at the gate and asked for ID.  I remembered something about signing a page titled something like "Officer Commission."  So I told the guard, "I think I'm an officer."  Now, mind you, I was 27, weighed about 120 and had my long wavy, blond hair up in pigtails, and was in short shorts and a peasant blouse - maaaaybe looked 16.

The guard snorted and said, "Little Girl, if you were an officer you'd KNOW your were an officer."  The three other marines standing nearby snickered.

To which I said, "No, Really, I think I signed something.  Mother give me that file folder."  So I reached in and fumbled around and found my commission papers.  I was a 2nd Lieutenant.  I gave him the papers, he paused then muttered, "My God, She's a Lieutenant!"  And everybody snapped to attention.  This scared the Holy sh** out of me, and I thought they were going to shot me.  I froze.  They just stood there staring straight ahead.  My mom leaned over and said, "They won't relax until you salute back."  I had never saluted before, no one had ever said how to do it, so I shakily reaffirmed the location of my forehead, and he waived me through.  Meanwhile, my mom is in convulsions of hyterical laughter, and my heart is pounding a mile a minute.

that was the beginning of my military career.

I went on after being doctor to the Cocopah and Quechan tribes back to LA County General and did my Residency in Pediatrics in Spanish.  Then I did most of a Fellowship ar UCLA in Immunology/Allergy/Asthma.  In the meantime I married an Engineer.  He and I met at a massage workshop in Big Sur.  He was totally blind and the smartest and funniest human being I had ever met.  While I did my residency, he completed his Masters in Computer Science (He already had degrees in Economics from the Univ of Chicago and in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford.)

Long story short - 10 years on the South Side of Chicago practicing developmental medicine with the group that pioneered the first specialty school using simultaneous communication with kids with autism.  My practice was about 1/3 autistic kids and their sibs, 1/3 very, low bithweight premies (BW less than 2 pounds after they graduated from the nursery) and 1/3 other multi-handicapped kids.

Hubby turned out to be a closet sociopath and the marriage went south as he continually berated me for not making enough money.  This was after I put him through the University of Chicago Law School (ranked 2nd in the nation right behind Yale)

We maoved to a small town in the Nevada desert, separated, I paid HIM alimony, and he forced me into bankruptcy.  Vertigo---disability---MS  yada yada yada.

I am housebound for the most part because the vertigo has casued extreme sensitivity to car motion.  I have my sis and 4 lovely cats.  Abby is the regal, elder queen, a fawn (pinsh-beige) Abysinnian who reads my heart.  Tony, is a mackerel Maine Coon-type who is sort of like your old college roommate - the one who ran around in his boxer shorts and drank beer for breakfast.  He is huge and has no clue about the concept of momentum.  So he is called Tony, the Destroyer.  When you yell at him he looks up lovingly and says, "Hi, Mom!"  Trax is a prim, extreme long-hair Tuxedo.  Very polite with the voice of a newborn kitten.  Finally we have snickerbritches, the little bengal mix, named Clyde.  She, too, will be empathetic and a playful lover.

I love the trees and the weather here.  I'm on the mountainside so we see the Columbia Gorge and the river.  I love the nourishing rain and the Washington state flower - mildew.  I listen to John Denver.  I knit compulsively, but buy yarn more compulsively, having never met a skein of yarn I didn't buy.  My mom says I look at the world slantwise and have a quirky sense of humor.

I never had kids, never wanted them, but adored all the thousands that passed through my office.

And, yes, there is a support group for people who talk too much.  It's called


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Hi all - What a great idea!
My name is Kristin and I am a 37 year old mother of 2, Nick 10 & Samantha 6.  My husband is Mark and was made by God for me.  We have been married for 12 years.  I had a rocky childhood here in Florida, my father was a drug addict (prescription drugs mainly) and I was/ am a recovering alcoholic.  I have been sober since I was 20 - yes, I have never had a legal drink!  I am the middle child and have an older brother and a younger sister and a very large extended family that all moved here from New Jersey in the early 70's.  
I am an LPN but I quit nursing after my daughter was born to work at the family business selling Windows & Doors, better money and no shift work.  I love to bake, clean (I know, it's borderline OCD!!), laugh and oh yeah, laugh!  I love Seinfeld, and we have every episode on tape somewhere.  .  I also love to garden, cut the lawn and work.  I am what most would consider ADHD so reading books is not in the cards but I enjoy anything that can hold my attention for more than 30 minutes!  I have 3 dogs, 2 Jack Russels and a Humane Society mix that is my baby!      

It is wonderful getting to know you all!

Oh yeah - and I earned a Gold medal in the 2004 Olymipics in the 200 m hurdles  - how about that Johnny!!  Isn't the internet great!
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