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Whole body tremors, shaking, and nausea, fast development

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my question, I hope you can offer some words of comfort.

I am 30 years old and a male. I work full time the past 4 years of my life as a chemist however it all seems to come crashing down. In April 2014 I developed for the first time Bell's Palsy on the right side of my face, I developed it again April 2015. I shortly developed synkinesis on the right side of my face. Ever since this occurred my health has taken a hit.

For about 4 months I have had random tremors all over my body and have had an MRI, CT scans, EEG, EKG, done to find out what is going on. I have an EMG scheduled in a couple of weeks.

It went from being a tremor in my hand to tremors on the right side of my face, whole face, scalp, arms, legs, severe abdominal cramps and tremors and even anal cramps. Those hurt severely.

We noticed something was going wrong when I was at work and I was reading a lot number on a product we make and I saw two numbers instead of one. For instance if it literally said 20015, I would see 20016. It would always be a number up or down. Someone asked me to change the temperature of our oven from 80 degrees to 60 degrees and when I did so they were certain they said 70 degrees, not 60. This happened more than once, I swore I turned off the hot plate and they said it was on and even brought me to it and it indeed was on. I was forgetting things, writing wrong numbers, dates, ect. I had an incident where I spaced out and had mild seizure like activity followed by a hallucination of something in the lab. I was taken to ER.

That was about a month ago, it was found I had a inguinal hernia and 2 weeks ago I had surgery to correct that.

However what concerns me is that the tremors and other symptoms I have had amplified since the surgery. My mouth and jaw tremors when I go to eat, while wearing my contacts sometimes my vision gets blurry but that could just be the contacts, when I smile my mouth tremors bad. Sometimes I have strange sensation when swallowing but not all the time. And lately bad cases of nausea. It gets bad to where I take ondansetron for it, luckily that does work.

I am taking Lyrica, Xanax, and pain medication for the surgery. I had my new doctor run tests because I was wondering if it was Lyme disease, strangely it showed up positive for the ELISA test but negative for the western blot test. However 1 of the two indicators for the western blot was shown. I showed positive for Epstein-Barr Virus and low vitamin D levels. I cannot recall a time in my life where I had mononucleosis, except one time I had flu like symptoms for about 3 weeks in 2013. Strange thing too is 1 week after my surgery I developed pleurisy and my left lung collapsed. Could be coincidence.

So as of now my neurologist is unsure of what is happening. I do not know if this could be MS as for I was informed the MRI was good, but that is all we know right now. I was informed it could be ALS, MS, Neuromyotonia, Fibromyalgia, and Benign Fesciculation Syndrome.

I know no one can diagnose me on here but can anyone please shed some light on what this sounds like. I have no idea but I a just tired of feeling time. I am off work on short term disability due to the surgery however I just feel worse because of the symptoms, not really so much regarding the surgery. I just feel horrid most of the time and tired. When I take tramadol it actually gives me enough energy to get up and do things but when it wears off I am back at square one. The other thing is that my legs in the past two days started trembling when I lean down. You can put your hands on my thigh and when I lower myself even slowly you can feel each muscle contract very roughly.

Any ideas or support please. I feel so alone in this. I have my partner with me but he is just as nervous as I am.

Thank you.
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Thank you for your feedback. We are starting to think it is benign fasciculation syndrome. The neurologist put me on clonazepam and within hours all the muscle tremors came to a hear stop. They still happened however not as intense. The nausea might be because when I was a baby I had surgery to correct pyloric stenosis. I always have had stomach issues my whole life. I woke up today feeling much better, was able to have some coffee without my face flaring up with tremors. I will see how long this lasts. I was on alprazolam but that did absolutely nothing for the tremors.

I knew something was going wrong several months back when I went to the gym to workout and every time that I went I noticed that my arms were trembling while lifting weights. We are still checking to see what is wrong but thus far it seems to be BFS.
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If it were MS it would probably have shown up on a MRI. Not always but most times.

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Thanks. Actually this has been going on for about 5-6 months prior to surgery and has amplified since the surgery.

I met with my neurologist yesterday who thinks it could be Fibromyalgia and about 3-4 other potential neurological disorders. I have non stop twitching, tingling and cramps all over my body. Fatigue is prevalent.

I certainly hope it is not MS but a few attending physicians have suggested it so I will hopefully know what this is soon enough. Thanks for taking the time to read the novel I wrote. LOL. It just gets scary dealing with this on a daily basis not knowing what is happening and why.
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Hi and welcome,

From everything that you've described, imho it honestly doesn't sound consistent with a neurological condition like MS. Keeping in mind that you are only 2 weeks post op, and if i'm understanding your time line correctly, it was only a week ago your lung collapsed from pleurisy, so you've genuinely been really-really sick! (note these dx are not associated with MS)

I would highly recommend you contact your surgeon/specialist to discuss if the issues you experienced 'prior' to the operation, are actually associated with a problematic Inguinal hernia and also bring to his/her attention your lung collapsed from pleurisy a week post op, as there could actually be a post op infection that needs to be checked and treated....

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