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Just curious to see if there is anyone else here that lives in norteastern Wisconsin.

Hope everyone has a great week.
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hey!! im in indiana!!  lol would like 2 see wisconsin, but well at the top you see people tab- or topic-  click on that and you can search who is where!1 -i think- have great day!!
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Hi There - I am originally from NE Wisconsin (actually a twin city right over the border in MI), and still manage to get back home to visit once a year. Beautiful area, I would love to move back there :)
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Hey, I'm from Wisconsin, but the Mid-Southeastern part.  Where are you from?  My family has a vacation home in Neilsville, which is NE WI.  It is absolutely beautiful up there!  All kinds of wildlife, which I love!  (Except all the snakes, there seems to be a lot of them in the summer).

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Hey! I grew up there in WI my entire life and the only snakes I saw out in the 'wilderness' were the ones the cat dragged in, LOL!!!! I actually see many, many more out here in WY...Rattle snakes for the most part, but a lot of huge benign ones as well. I however do NOT miss the man eating mosquito's in Northern Wisconsin...I would take a snake any day over those!!!!

Awesome area, the UP and Northern WI :)
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I live in Green Bay (and am not a Packer fan) and I married a yooper.  I've been lucky to find an excellent neurologist in Green Bay. He actually calls u back on a Sunday when a new symptom pops up and you're (meaning me) in a panick mode.
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NOT A PACKER FAN??!!??!! Blasphemy :)

I am a Yooper as well, and actually lived in Green Bay at one time myself. We were there this past year for the Packer/Viking game, I still love that city! What part of the UP is your husband from?

I am so happy to hear there is a great neuro therre for you...especially one who will call you back on a Sunday!!
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