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Wisdom tooth!

Should I be concerned about having a wisdom tooth removed?
I have had a bad taste in my mouth, but I was on amitriptyline and put it down to that then when I switched to cymbalta the taste went but 4 weeks later it was back.

I started to notice I got a burst of it when cleanibg my teeth, when it happened again I realised it was my one remaining wisdom tooth which seems to be hugh but was not looking to healthy.

I have alot of neurological pain on the right side of my face and head yes it is the right wisdom tooth!

I am not super sensitive to touch, but I am very concern about having this tooth pulled out and what may happen after.

Can anyone offer advice?
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The only thing I can think of off hand is maybe checking into getting some antibiotic to take just to ward off any chance of infection as that could send you into a relapse.

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Are you concerned about anesthesia and the surgery setting of an attack or infection? Or up setting the nerve?

If it needs to come out it needs to come out. I had all four impacted and removed with MS. It is really individual. I have had a dozen surgeries with MS and no problems.

My last surgery gallbladder removal, the thing was super infected so the surgeon was careful because of the MS.

Other folks may have different experiences. It is hard to predict.


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Is it your lower right wisdom tooth?  The trijeminal nerve runs along that area. I was having a lot of lower jaw pain. At the time I thought it was my tooth, which needed to come out (failed root canal - I learned the hard way that there is a reason there are specialists) but now I wonder if it was a ms symptom

I had the tooth removed in february 09 and had optic neuritis in February 10 which lead to my ms dx.

I agree with getting on an antibiotic not only will it help with the infection, it will also relieve some of the discomfort after you've been on it a couple days.


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