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Woke up and couldn't walk

This all started last evening,I started noticing my legs didn't want to move,thought it was just exhaustion.

Got up this morning and had no control over my legs , they wouldn't even support my body.Finally after crawling to the bathroom----not a pretty site, my son got me my leg braces and they add little help.

Its as if they aren't getting the message from my brain to move.Is this possible.Plus I'm having repetive electric zings and zaps down my right leg and they are painful,thats been going on for 24 hours and my meds aren't helping

I did put a call into my neuro,but I got his answering service,I tried to wait it out to see if it would pass.

I really don't want to go to the ER with having the kids at home,I want that to be my last resort.I know they'd probably keep me.

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Sounds though like that's where you need to be. How old are your kids? Can anyone help with them for a few days?

Please take care of yourself. I'm worried about you. Did you have your neuro paged?

Prayers and hugs


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I'm so sorry you are not doing well. I'll be praying for you tonight. But if things don't get better going to the ER might not be a bad idea. You need to be checked out.
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I agree, with Penn, although I know how difficult it is to make such tough decisions. Remember you must put the oxygen mask on yourself first before trying to help others. A little airplane analogy.


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There is no need to suffer needlessly.  "Sometimes the best care of the children is to care for the parent."  wise, old pediatrician.  

I am so sorry this is happening!  I vote for the ER and the neuro on-call.  The relapse may just be getting started - not to sound the pessimist.  Don't take chances nor should you suffer in pain which will just make all the other MS sx worse.

'kay?  Quix
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You mentioned you called your doc and got the answering service. Did you request a call back?
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Penn ,

My children are 16 and 12 and I don't know if the neuro was paged or not I didn't call until 4.30 pm,I tried to wait it out.


If it persist I may go to the ER,think I could drive myself(lol)

Nanners ,

I liked the airplane analogy.I hate hospitals!!! Sometimes when ya go there they are limited staff,their knowledge on MS is Nill and they look at ya like your a nut job.

I live in a little corn county,they don't keep neuro's on call.

But if I'm no better in the morning and neuro don't call early,some intervention will need done.Gotta beable to go to Friday noghts high school football game.Gotta watch my little man play.

Thanks for the prayers.

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I hear you about the football games, except I go hear my 15 y.o. play in the band. I hope you are well enough to go!!

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I'm so sorry you are going through this right now!!  :(

I know how you feel about the ER.  If I were in the same situation, I'd probably hold out until the last resort as well.  I hate hospitals too!

Many prayers that you are better in the morning.   Please keep us updated!!!

Take care!  Pat
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You're correct if I can't care for myself how can I care for my kids.My son wanted to call an ems and I told him no.
Right now pain is an understatement.I'm gonna go to bed and think happy thoughts after a few meds and be optimistic that this will all be gone in the morning.If not ,if its worse I will go directly to the ER.

My x-hubby is staying the night just in case.


I don't recall if I requested a call back,my body was to busy trying to electicute my right leg from the inside out,if that won't make a grown person cry I don't know what will.

Ya know my dog senses something is wrong she has laid right next to my legs for 2 days now,she normally doesn't do that.

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I will pray for you too.  Please call the neuro again in the a.m. before he gets busy with appointments.  I hope he can help you without going to the hospital...Craig
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It's funny you say that about the dog. Gordon twice tonight got up and started licking my foot, both times it was spasming and I was trying to pretend it was not. Freaky...maybe Zilla can cypher a clue about it, lol.

Take care please

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I got the LESSON 101 last week about taking care of myself before I can take care of the kiddos... easier said than done.. I KNOW!!   But.. its true...Hope you start feeling better.. maybe I can come over and crawl with ya to the bathroom?!?!?  NOW THAT WOULD BE A SIGHT TO SEE!!!!!!!!!!  :)

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