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Woke up with blurry vision in right eye


I am very concerned about a few events over the past week.  

Basically I ceased smoking cigarettes on the 1st August and was doing well with the withdrawal - I should add that at the same time I am recovering from a TMJ disorder on the right side of my jaw which started mid June (clicking/popping - No pain, but that side of my face is inflamed from time to time, although feeling better)

On the 6th I had a dizzy spell and had to sit down, and that night I fell asleep on my stomach, putting pressure on the right side of my face.
When I woke up and opened my eyes, my right eye hurt to open, it felt like I had something caught on top or behind it.
For the first time my vision in that eye was slightly blurred and text and words looked like they were doubled but in a ghosted lighter way.

I saw a doctor whom immediately said it may be MS. He then had me go to emergency.  
The hospital performed a few tests and I am waiting to see an ophthalmologist.

Could any one comment on this?

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Hi fellow Ozzie and welcome,

It's highly possible your visual experience is related to your TMJ and sleep behaviour at the time, visual issues are associated with TMJ and from your description, TMJ would definitely seem a likely explanation imho.

An ophthalmologist will be assessing the health of your eyes, but if your eyes are normal, it would be unlikely that this has anything to do with a neurological condition like MS......until you know more, it's in your best interest to not worry about MS when MS is only 1 of the potential explanations....

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Thanks for the input, the vision issue seemed to be almost back to normal the next day and there was no pain in the movement of the eye.  
Today there has been some slight mild discomfort however.
Hopefully I can get into the ophthalmologist tomorrow.
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Posting in case anyone else runs into similar events,
The oIphthalmologist diagnosed me with Blepharitis
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Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) would not be something associated with MS, so if anyone here has personal experience with it, it will be outside of any neurological condition they may have.

Typically our issues are optic neuritis, which can cause pain and/or vision loss or internuclear ophthalmoplegia, which can cause double vision and nystagmus. These have to do with inflammation in the optic nerve itself (which is actually also part of the central nervous system) or the brain stem.

Did the ophthalmologist recommend any treatment for you?
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Obviously there is relief on my end, mostly due to the doctor who mentioned MS straightaway knowing that there could be/are many reasons for my eye issue described.

The ophthalmologist was checking/testing primarily for optic neuritis and said it is not. He said I aced all the tests and have 20/20 in both eyes.  

Recommended treatment is warm water to clean the eyelids and create moisture in the area with finger compresses in the area.
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