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Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all doing ok. today I am still here.

Do any of the women here find things are worse / different when you get your period?

I am not diagnosed and not following up with Drs for now, but have noticed that 'weird stuff' (for me is mainly sensory / visual) seems to get weirder around period time.  Will be interesting to see if this pattern continues for the next months...

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I truly believe that ANYTHING that upsets the natural rymthm of the body CAN make symptoms worse.  Even if you don't have a dx as yet, it has occured to me through reading your posts, that your symptoms are suggestive of MS.

I had a hysterectomy BEFORE my diagnosis of MS, so I can't be very specific about whether my symptoms were bothered more when I was having my monthly cycle.

Would be interested to hear what others have to say...

Best Wishes, Heather
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Sally, although I have had a hysterectomy I still once a month go through what I would call PMS.  I get the mood swings and cramping, I have hot flashes and in general don't like to be around people.lol

I still have my ovaries so my doctor thinks this is why I get the PMS like symptoms.  Any way I do agree with you that my MS does get worse around this time as well.  I have worse pain and the fatigue is almost unbearable.  I will also, most of the time get severe headaches.  Until I started having these PMS symptoms (right after the hysterectomy) I never had headaches.

After doing my time-line I realized that I probably have had MS for at least 15 years.  I can look back and see so many symptoms and signs, but me or my doctor never really put it together.  He says that he can also look back and see the signs, but when they would go away we never thought anything about it until the next time.

Sorry, I got off the subject a little.  You are right in my opinion that your symptoms do get worse during the time around your period.

I'll be praying,
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Hi, Super~

Yep.  I do have migraine problems, though, and I should say that my doc thinks I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at this point.  I definitely have an exacerbation of symptoms just before and for the first few days of my menses.  Mostly the tinglies and vertigo.  Sometiomes it will set off my right leg more, but not every month.  

Take care!  Surely that confuses you more!

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Hi, Sally, Good to hear from the southern hemisphere!  Hope you are doing better.  Where are you in training and your stamina?

For a many decades  it has been observed that the symptoms of MS flare-up in times of lowered estrogen.  And often the symptoms are better with very high estrogen.

Classically MS is at it's best behavior during pregnancy - a time of extremely high estrogen production.  This production falls to normal levels after delivery and the next 4 months or so is a prime time for either the first presentation of MS, or for a major relapse.

Similarly, the estrogen in the monthly cycle drops precipitously just beofre the menses, giving rise to the increase in symptom severity during the menses.  This would not be a true relapse, but would fall under the heading of a pseudoexacerbation or "false relapse."

They are currently studying whether or not the addition of a physciologic estrogen (specifically estriol) added to an MS treatment will improve anything.

I have wondered if low estrogen is a kicker for MS onset or relapse why it doesn't show up then mostly in the post-menopausal state.  But, the difference might be the pregnancy and menstrual cycle have very sudden, major dops in levels (ie. a sudden change) and menopause is more gradual.

They are also studying the effect of adding testosterone to men's therapy.  I'll check sometime and see where these studies stand.

*Zilla - I'm betting your WMA Neuro is off-base.  Put me down for $10.00.  BTW - A huge welcome back.  I MISSED you!

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Well, Quix, you've known me for a lot longer and know me far better than my WMA Neuro.  I don't like my odds on that bet!  What can I say -- he's only a man!  (Sorry to all our estrogen-impaired forum members out there!  We do love ya, guys!)

I got a "patient history sheet" in the mail from the endo.  Who knows -- once I fill it out, maybe he'll send me right back to the WMA Neuro!    

I missed you all, too!  I just needed some time to absorb the diagnosis and huge lot of info from my doc.  I have been checking on you all, though!  Am so glad to see Super Sally!!!!

What kind of visual symptoms are you having, Sal?  I don't remember you mentioning them before.

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Hi all,

Hope you are all fine.  Thanks for your answers. That does help explain.

Quix. I am not back into training yet. Have just been doing a few short runs and gym a few times a week.  Supposed to start this month preparing for another Iron-Man by end of Feb next year, and a marathon for January next year, but have been really busy with a race that our group arranged and that was held last weekend, and work.  

The race was successful.  We had 110 athletes started, including international professionals, who were very impressed.  I was responsible for timing the event (along with 2 hardworking team-mates).  It was major undertaking and very intense, particularly as we had problem with some of our equipment and had to change plan and manual backup for the entire 8 hour race - add an hour set-up before (for my team) and 4 hours after for results computation and packing up.  I was more than tired by the end of it.  Still have more cleaning up and try to work out the equipment problem.  That was Saturday.

Internally, there were some problems with the organisation of the event and we will have our post-mortum in the next day or two - which should be interesting.... and some fur will fly.... our group is a tough love group. No mercy and they say it as it is. I am often at the receiving end (They think I am a drama queen, and just making up health issues and should just get on with it). Definitely no excuses accepted.  My team did very well considering the challenges we faced.  And a lot was learned about handling such a situation, as well as the sort of support we need from the rest of the team under such circumstances (support we had difficulty getting in the heat of the event).

Just got my period last night.  It is a shocker this time. The first day I can't function without painkillers.  I noticed they have gotten much heavier lately (oh! Flash bulb!...... that could be hypothyroid symptom...) and much more painful - even than usual.  Am going to retest all bloodwork by the end of this week.  Will let you know.

I am sure I am still hypo, so can't check on anything else till that is back to normal....  That definitely affects mood and energy levels.... which are very low at the moment! I usually 'hit the wall' and get that 'moving through treacle' feeling by mid-afternoon, if I am lucky.... earlier, if I am not.  I have problem with cold intolerance at the moment (despite the heat sensations)...

Burning sensations, particularly on lower legs, feet, and back of arms still happening and consistent, also intermittently around chest.  Facial weird sensations - tingling lips and cheeks and chin feel different. Today my hands are shaking, but that is just today. They haven't been recently. Maybe just stress??? Maybe a result of the weekend/period/work stress???

Zilla, Visual stuff is flashing in peripheral vision. Both eyes. Daily.  Frequency is less than before.  Have a small black dot in right eye (doesn't affect vision, but is annoying - particularly when working on computer) - maybe just a static floater - it doesn't change...

Feeling of objects moving in peripheral vision.  

Problem with close together lines (ie. thin louvres, the lines made on concrete to stop people slipping - they look like they are moving), occasional moving peripheral vision (oscill- something or other according to Quix), difference in adjustment to dark between eyes....  nothing was found on examination...

Today am also feeling disconnected  - like my neck is stretched and I am looking down from a distance (now that sounds weird!). I get that from time to time.... is disconcerting....  LOL! (or is that hysterical laughter?!). :)

Anyway, am ok.  All was previously tested as normal.  And have too much work to do to worry about what's happening with my body.  Still functional.  That's what counts.

Zilla, how are you doing?  Have been watching this forum, but having trouble remembering everyone's history 'cause I'm not taking notes.  

Quix, am so glad you are obviously feeling better!  Hope it continues.  Will answer questions where I am 'qualified' to take some of the load off you. You are doing a phenomenal job on this forum!

Gotta get some work done. Boss coming next week.  Many deadlines way overdue... etc...

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