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Worried... Symptoms for awhile now...

Good evening
I've been having weird symptoms lately and got to surfing the net for others who have experienced the same symptoms.
For about two years (give or take) I've been having these off balance feelings. Not spinning but like I'm going to fall over. I just figured low sugar or getting up too fast- no biggie. But a few weeks ago it got real bad and I was off balance for 2 days! That got my attention. I've also had a numb like feeling on first the right side of my face for a day and then 2 weeks later the left side went numb. It didn't hurt just felt thick and almost cold-like but I wasn't actually cold... Hard to explain. Lately my speech has gotten weird too. Like I can't say what I want to say. I start babbling and stammering like a fool. I try to laugh it off but I noticed my coworker notice too. I forget things too. Like with my job I forget to do things I don't normally forget. I also get this sharp pain in my chest like a stabbing feeling or something. Even if I'm just sitting there.
I've just been brushing these symptoms away but the numbness and longer dizziness got my attention (I was staggering around and was scared if faint or something).
I seen a regular doctor at the clinic and she did some neuro tests on me. Like testing my balance and some other funny tests. She's sending me for a CT scan (my appoint is in 2 weeks). I live in a small community and scans are done 3 hours away.
Does this sound like ms? I know you shouldn't google your symptoms but I'm curious and scared and just want to know if all these symptoms are related I guess. As far as I know ms doesn't run in my family. I'm 31 years old, female and have hypothyroidism but I'm on meds for that and my most recent blood work was all good.
Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated. Thanks
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Hi and welcome,

There isn't anything you've mentioned, that i find that is particularly suggestive of a neurological condition like MS, there are a lot of conditions with similar symptoms as MS, and with MS being a condition of the central nervous system, 99% of the time MS will come up when looking up symptoms.

I wouldn't be assuming your doctor is considering MS, because he/she has scheduled a CT scan and if you were leaning more towards a neurological causation you'd be scheduled for an MRI. Try not to worry to much about what it could be, one step at a time and the CT may discover something that does point towards a condition that you will require further testing......

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Thanks for responding :)
Your post was very encouraging. I've noticed that everyone with ms seems to have the tingling/numb feeling in a limb - whereas I have not. It's only happened on one side of the face a few times.
I guess I'm just feeling stressed because I'm not the kind of person who runs to the doctor for everything. And I don't want to be kicking myself later for letting these symptoms/issues just slide by.
Thx again.
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I forgot to ask, why do you think she ordered a ct scan of my brain? I was under the impression that those are more for bones and such... The only thing she said after doing the neuro tests was that my uvula moves to the left.
I also forgot to mention in my original post that I'm always tired. I've just gotten so used to it. Like I get a good nights rest but after waking up and get ready I can literally lie back down and fall asleep (on weekends I actually do). I nap everyday after work. I've felt like this for like a year.
Sorry to ramble on but it's getting worrisome especially work-wise because I walk to work but am scared I'll start staggering around again (which happened a few times already) and fall over or something.
Thx for listening.
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Hi there,

In neurological terms......facial numbness, speech issues and your Uvula is deviating to the left, 'could' be indicating upper motor neuron sign 'but' for the deviation to be abnormal there is suppose to abnormal movements of the palate and the gag reflex too, all 3 would be 'suggestive' of a vagus nerve lesion.

Keep in mind that there are different types of lesions eg vascular, demyelination etc and many medical conditions actually cause lesions, so even if that is what's found it honestly may not have anything to do with MS. If you can, try not to worry too much about what it 'may be' you'll have a better idea what's going on after you've had a few tests to pin down potential causes......breath!


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Thanks for the encouraging post :)
Yeah I gotta stop worrying and thinking the worst.
It's just annoying not knowing I guess. I'm usually not so anxious.
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I had the same issue a couple of months. I fell several times. The CT was clear. Again if it neurological they do a MRI. Sometimes something as simple as a virus can cause these symptom. I have had many tests looking for scary thing that turned out negatively. Doctors can't see the inside so they have to run tests. They trouble shoot like a flow chart and they eliminate things. My motto is do not worry until my doctor tells me to worry. The human body is complicated. Most MS starts with something called optic neuritis which effects one eye.

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Thanks for all the helpful info :)
Right now I'm just trying to ignore the unstableness and occasional numbness. It's unpredictable, happens anytime, anywhere. It's annoying.
Just gotta wait and not jump to conclusions.
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