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Wrap around my waist??

I have a Q. Despite all my symptoms for the past 3+ years, I've been having a pain in the stomach area, that seems to go all the way around to the back. It actually feels like I am wearing a tight belt or something. (that's the best way I can describe it.) When I went to the hospital for help,(and of course told them my long time symptoms,) they did a scan of the abdomen & stated it was normal. The nutty nurse told me that if I had MS, the doctor would have diagnosed me with this years ago because it's EASY to detect. Am I going nuts? And has anyone experienced the tightness around their waist?
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Most of the time, you will get the belt feeling in the chest because spastic costal muscles wil pull the ribs and that creates that banded/belt feeling around the chest.  The spasticity has to effect more muscles in the abdomen for this to happen.   I have spasms of the rectus abdominus (the six pack muscles) that feel like I did way too many sit ups (one is to many.)  

To get that wrap around feeling, I guess you would have to spasms of the external abdominal obliques (under the love handles.)  The lattisimus dorsi would be kind of high and I think they would feel like a low chest hug.   I've heard other people describe and abdominal "hug" but never though to look at which muscles could cause it.

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I get that as well. It feels like I've done 200 crunches when I've done, none. Could this be one of "those" symptoms?
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Sure.  It is another indication of muscle spasticity and spasticity is a sign (not a symptom since a doctor can see/feel this) that is associated with MS.

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I get muscle tightness in my abdomen and lower stomach.  When I'm tired, my stomach muscles will contract rhymically - very weird!  I also get bands and pain at the sternum level.
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Thank you. I didn't think I was "that" crazy.
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I have the exact same problem!  I've had so many tests done and NO ONE can figure out what is wrong with me!  Its quite frustrating!
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Just last week on doctor radio they were discussing this problem as it relates to heart symptoms.  They said one way to see if the banding pain is from the muscles rather than a heart problem is to apply gentle pressure with your hand(s).  If the pressure gives relief, then it is most likely the muscles and not a heart event.

just my two cents of trivia to throw in here,
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I had this same thing and the doctors told me the same things they told you. Turns out I had a tumor in my spinal cord up around T1-T2. After the waist I started to get cold feeling in my thigh then down the legs to the feet. You need an upper MRI. I had mine removed a couple months ago. They said it takes around 10 years or longer to really start effecting you. They have around 400 cases a year at the Mayo clinic.
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