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Yeast infections

Hi Girls, PLEASE !!!!!!!!  LOL ...... boys, ignore this one....

Hi, was just wondering if you ladies have experienced constant yeast infections?   I'm wondering because I have.  I was put on Premarin cream a little while ago, and thought that might be it, ( though it may be) , but checked on the MS site, and found out that it is VERY common with us ladies with MS.   So, anyone out there willing to share this??   Thought maybe it was just stress and stuff , and that things would calm down, but I own part shares in the Canesten factory, and I don't want to keep using it if it is another cause.   Let me know OK????

thanks, girls,
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I am not dx. with ms, but I have had the same exact question. I was wondering if I had continuous yeast infections and if it had something to do ms.

I had recently gone for my annual Pap and all tests were clear for infection..... so what has been causing the "itch".
My doc. said that in the beginning (5 months ago) it could have been yeast and I treated it, but to me it kept coming back, or so I thought, she said I must have treated it with the OTC inserts and it went away.
But to this day... I feel an itch coming on,,,, I am a clean person... so what is up with that?
Thanks for bringing this topic up!!

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I can't say that I have had any issues with this in a awhile but I know a little about the topic.

I know that anything that messes with the nature balance of things can cause a yeast infection. I usually get a yeast infection after a round of antibiotics because antibiotics tend to kill good bacteria as well as bad. That can be one culprit. Other culprits can be hormones, diabetes, the use of prednisone, the over use of douches..just to name a few.

Excessive dryness down in the nether regions can cause problems as well. I'm guessing by your use of Premarin Cream is because your trying to prevent vaginal dryness due to estrogen loss. According to their website, the most common side effects include headache, infection, abdominal pain, back pain, accidental injury, and vaginitis (yeast infection). So my guess is... there's your culprit...if this all started at the same time you started the Premarin and nothing else would fit. I would call your doctor and see if there is another med your could get on.

I'm not sure if it would help you or not..but I'm on Vivelle-Dot. It's an estrogen patch and helps with everything. I haven't had any side effects so far and I have been on it since they removed my last ovary last year.

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From what I have learnt, all yeast infections begin in the gut, so to get to the root cause of the problem you need to take a pro-biotic to redress the imbalance. I tried this once and, lo and behold , it WORKED!

So while smearing cream on your nether regions may seem logical, it doesn't fix the root of the problem. Fix the gut, and the rest will sort itself out. While you're waiting, throwing a mix of water and white vinegar (10-1) on your girlie bits while in the shower sure eases the itch (it neutralises the area). Sends you throw the roof in the sting factor for a few seconds but afterwards feels SO much better!

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thanks guys to your input.  Slightlybroken, I had my ovaries removed last April, and my uterus removed when I was 32, so, I am in full blown menopause.  That is why the premarin cream, because I was spotting and bleeding.  They felt the vaginal walls were thinning, and the blood vessel were breaking, that is why the cream.  I have had a little reluctnance to try the HRT because of the risk of breast cancer to name a few, but I think that this might be what I have to do for a few years anyways.  

I do have the dryness factor and that is a normal part of the menopause, I believe, but it is NOT comfortable at all, and the other things OTC lubricants and such don't work for me.

I feel gross using them.  

I did read that MS can cause yeast infections.  Before my uterus was removed, I had them non stop for about 8 years.  We tried the vinegar thing, regular douches, the boric acid even, and the only thing that stopped it was the removal of the uterus.  ( that was not the only reason it was taken out) .......

anyways, that is it in a nut shell so to speak, thanks again guys, guess it will be yet another Dr. appointment.

Have a great day......
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I haven't had any problems with yeast infections, but have suddenly started spotting again. I'm only 41 and not at menopause. I did have an ablation about 6 months ago and that stopped my periods. I was clean every day until about 2 weeks ago when I started spotting lightly again. Not sure if this is related to everything else going on, but the timing is very weird.
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I agree with Jem and I consulted a naturopath who did kineseology on me as I had been feeling unwell with constant headaches for months. She said that I had severe candida of the gut and I went on a diet to eliminate yeast and malt as this is what candida albicans will thrive off. The gut flora needs to be recolonised and will themushrooms, gungi, beer, lager, msg, chinese takeway,n be Ok to resume normal diet.

Yeasts moulds are present in bread, bagels, crumpets, baguettes, marmite, vegemit, bovril, pizza, blue cheese/brie, gravy granules, oxo, soya sauce, mushrooms,fungi, beer, lager, msg, chinese takeway food,

Malt is present in some cerals eg shreddies, drinks like ovaltine, horlicks, vinegars, balsamic,picles, scotch whiskey,

Sugar - well this is fairly obvious but avoid honey, molasses, syrup (although you can use rice syrup), demera sugar, liquer, alco pops, dried fruit. Sugar activates the candida ad yeat, causes wind and maintains the optimum environment for candida to grow.

I did the diet for 3 weeks and my headaches disappeared, I felt better and slowly introduced the foods back in. While I was on the diet I ate soda bread instead of normal bread which was very nice and I carried on afterwards as it was very tasty.

Hope this is of interest.

Love Sarah x

PS Signs of candida include, food intolerances, foggy brain, headaches, migraines, thrush, anal itching, cystitis, weight fluctuations, pms, jiont pain, chronic tiredness, allergies, fungal infections, athletes foot, blatedeness, flatulence, diarrhoea and or constipation.

PPS I am sure that you can find a recipe for soda bread online and it is so easy to make.

Try taking a probiotic as well and eat some probiotic yoghurt.
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