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You have to laugh at this one!

As we all know muscle twitches, spasms and jerks are a part of this fun ride we are all on.  I have gotten used to them and mine usually only last a few seconds and rarely wake me up.  Well Monday early morning I had twitches in my left leg that would not go away and woke me up.  My first thought was okay what is this and why won't it stop.  I reached down to rub my leg to see if it would stop and it wasn't a muscle twitch.  IT WAS MY SIAMESE CAT KNEADING MY LEG TO GET COMFORTABLE!  I woke up laughing out loud and he just looked at me as if to say shut up mom trying to sleep here!
Thought this would bring a smile to all!
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I really did laugh out loud!  That is so funny :D
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Love this. We get so used to being 'weird' that we take it as a matter of course, don't we?

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I have Balinese cats (siamese with long coats). In my semi sleep one morning I felt a weight on my chest. I started to freak out that I was having a heart attack. I opend my eyes and saw Franklin sitting on my chest staring down at me :-) Apparently it was time for breakfast!

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Kyle, my cat sits on my chest, too and stares at me if I am not awake when I'm "supposed" to be.  In other words, usually I wake up at 4AM to get ready for work.  If I am not up by then (WEEKENDS and HOLIDAYS) he makes sure I get up.  He is half Siamese.

He is also very vocal.  DH says he "talks a lot." :D
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Ahh, I had a Balinese, once...what a space cadet!  She'd chase things that weren't there!

JacksMom, just goes to show, it's not always MS!  You sure gave me a laugh, though. :-)
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I still chuckle thinking about it!  And you are right about the vocal part Goodness I barely get up in the morning or walk in the door and he is all up in my face talking to me. The dog and other cat look at him as if to say will you shut up already!  LOL

They do keep me entertained!
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