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aching head

Hi all,

I have a permanent dizzy feeling inside my head, if I turn my head it worsens.

When I sit still and my head is still, the feeling is still there, inside my head.

My whole head aches some days, and both ears can ache on and off.

When my head is still, and I move my eyes to the left or the right, this worsens the dizzy feeling also.

Does this sound like ms, does anyone with ms experience this????????????????
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Yup, constant vertigo for six months.
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Do objects seem to move while you are stationary or do you get the sensation that you are moving and the objects are stationary? This is a more concise way of defining vertigo.

The dizziness is more of a lightheaded feeling or a loss of balance.

Regardless, of what sensation you are feeling it can be due to MS.  It also can be due to something wrong with your ears, specifically your inner ear.

Have you contacted your doctor about this? There are some meds that might help ease this sensation.

Sorry you are experiencing this. You are not alone. I'm on day 15 of vertigo. It has lessened some after seeing a doctor (ENT) and having him do something called an Epley manuveur. This took away on e layer of my vertigo/dizziness. Still cannot move or change positions quickly and eye movements tend to aggravate it as well.

Hope you feel better soon!

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hope you feel better soon, remember to write down all your symptoms and keep track of when they start and how they feel...and when they end.... OK..

sounds like some form of Vertigo?  take care
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Nothing moves, its just a horrible feeling inside my head.

Its there 24/7 and has been there since June 2007 now.

Its a very hard feeling to explain, its like a pressure and swishing in my head, even when my head is still.

Nothing spins, thats why I always referred to it as dizziness, I thought to have vertigo the room had to spin.

Its just extremely annoying to have this all the time, and most often my head aches, and ears ache on and off, not like an earache though, more of an ache, then goes away.

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