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ami being silly

In the last 12 months or so i noticed a spasm in my eyeballs when i look down sometimes, the optician said that it was nystagmus when mentioned and said to say it again if it was still there when i next go.  its goes through stages of being really bad or when i barely get it at all.
I have also noticed that i sometimes have problems speaking, my words come out slurred or i forget the word altogether. i feel like my short term memory has got worse as well, and i feel tired a lot.
i remember noticing the speech and a balance problem about 2 years ago but then it disappeared so i forgot.around this time i would get L'hermitte's sign,the electric shock feelingdown the neck.
in addition, i sometimes get muscles cramps or spasms , especially after exertion.
on wednesday when walking up a hill for dofe in the 30 degree celsius heatwave, i had a minor "seizure" as it was described by the others there.
I've self harmed for the past year and felt downa lot.
I've not seen a doctor or anyone but after googling some of the symptom MS came up a lot, but im scared that im just making it up? like a placebo effect. before the nystagmus started ms never crossed my mind to be honest.
Im a 17 year old female with no current diagnosed health problems
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Strabismus is completely different from nystagmus, other than that they're both problems with the eye.

Nystagmus is an action tremor of the eye muscles. Mine is set off by trying to focus on something. The muscles of my eye start to tremor, and it looks like the eye is vibrating.

Strabismus is a misalignment of the eye. It can cause double vision.

Did you mean you 'felt down a lot' or you 'fell down a lot?'

To my way of thinking, you should go ahead and see a neurologist. Instead of blowing off stuff and thinking it's all in your head, you should actually see a doctor that's experienced in those matters. If it is MS, there are medications that will slow disease activity and future damage. If it isn't, then great!

Good luck!
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i've not self harmed for a while nw and feel a lot better- i dont want to waste anyones time with anything ahah
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Hi and welcome,

I don't think you are being silly but i do think you have been doing a lot of googling about MS and are more likely making assumptions since reading MS specific information, which is probably leading your thoughts astray whilst you are emotionally quite fragile.

I find it very odd that your optician said what you described was "Nystagmus" and to let him know if it was still there the next time you go.........it would make more sense for your opticians complete lack of concern, expectation that it may not reoccur, not referring you to an ophthalmologist, commonality for your age etc for him/her to have said 'Strabismus'  which is the most common explanation for what you described and would explain why it wasn't of any concern to your optician.

What happened to you when you were walking in 30 degree heat, could of been heat exhaustion/stroke related, anyone who's friends or even bystanders believe has had a "seizure" in hot weather, usually require immediate medical assistance and or a trip to emergency, even after regaining full consciousness.

Seizures from dehydrating or seizure in non epileptics is usually an extremely dangerous medical situation, it can be very scary to witness too and because you haven't seen a doctor, and or you didn't require immediate medical assistance at the time. You more likely were not actually having a 'mild seizure' as the other's thought it was but you were probably experiencing the weird side effects of hot sun exposure whilst being very dehydrated.    

Take a step back for a moment..........you have been "self harming" and feeling depressed for the past year, you are experiencing a very serious medical issue which will more likely not get better, if you don't be proactive and focus on improving your current psychological situation!

You honestly should not be dealing with this without medical help! Please be brave and seek help now, please speak to your parents, or school guidance councillor or family doctor about what is happening to you!

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The eye ball spasm comes from your eyes trying to work together because of the Nystagmus.

If you are worried about MS go to the doctor and ask for a neurological exam. Any doctor can do one it is reflexes and such if it is abnormal they will send you to a neurologist. If it is normal you do not have to worry about MS.

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