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another UTI ................ grrrrrr

Hi guys, thought I would let you know I have yet another kind of infection this time.  It is called Escherichia Coli and I have started another bout of prescription antibiotics.  They put me on Macrobid, and since they took so long to do the test, now, I will not be finished by Tues when I have my surgery.

Not sure what to do.  When I have the surgery, they put a 3 day antibiotic with the IV during surgery.  Should I stop my pills on Tuesday...... then continue it when I get home.  

I`m so tired of feeling this way.   2 bouts with Cipro and then nothing for 5 days, cause it took so long to do the results.

I am just hoping they won`t cancel my surgery on Tues. ...

Oh, we are going back on to Copaxone ....... hubby and I have discussed it alot, and we feel it is best.  I have been off for 4 months, and my symptons have been getting worse.  So, we thought we should try again.

So, wish me luck, and Tues. is my surgery.... so, it might take me awhile to answer anyone.... as I don`t have a computer in the hospital ....

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, I really appreciate it....
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Well, darn it! Even the fancy name sounds rude. I would bring the meds to the hospital and ask the surgeon if you should take them in addition to, or instead of his.

That Cipro knocked me on my butt so I can only imagine how you feel at this point in addition to the lingering infection.

A zillion hugs for you!
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thxs lovie !!   xo
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Hi Candy,

I'm sorry this keeps happening to you.  Hopefully they won't cancel your surgery.  I would argue the point, about the 3 day antibiotic they will administer.
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I had a UTI for four months once. I know it is no fun.

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Bactrim is what the surgeon put me on after my botox treatment because he said there was evidence of infection.  30 days worth.  Be sure to have a bit of food in your stomach to cushion the drug effect.  

I'll hope the surgery can go on as scheduled but you also need to be sure the UTI doesn't pose an additional risk- you don't need any more complications.

As for the copaxone - if you had problems on it before (sorry, I don't remember why you stopped) you might research the other DMDs and see if there is another one that might work better for you.  I am glad that you are going back on something in light of your continuing progression.

Good luck this week - check in when you feel up to it and have a computer available!

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thanks everyone.   Laura, the copaxone I stopped because the Neuro from Vancouver did not seem to think it was working, and it was making divets (lol) in my skin.  His alternative was the chemo therapy, and did not think that the rebif, and those drugs were good for me due to my depression.  The Tysabri has it's own risks, so, I want to try the other one more time, and we will see, then we may have to make some BIG decisions.

Thanks for the luck and good wishes for Tuesday, will let you know how it goes as soon as I can.

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