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anucleated red blood cells

Anyone seen this with MS?
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hi Bob and crwriter,

they always tell me as  I leave...no new s good news and/or unremarkable.
these labs get me   somehwat confused with so many abbrviations.
so it seems if these are 'anucleated' = good ?

, do they typicallyy  do a  smear when orders are CBC ?
or is that m ade specific?
my last labs had 0.07 (normal value 0.00-0.00) NRBC# .... is that 7 in 100, or how many?

also, i have tried find what NR/W means and can not, do you know?  ... this was high also at 1.00 (normal 0.00 ) .... and MPV  a smidgin low at 9.5 (normal 9.6)

My   BILI T haas creeped up some 2.1 (normal   0.0-1.3)
and what is IG% mean?  i had 0.7 (normal 0.0-0.6)
I guess I will bring this all up.

I have more draw done      soon in another  lab with a different doc and want to make sure it is the same   tests    done.
what would any of this mean, any input is helpful so i have a little better understanding at my appt
thanks   amo

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I think Bob is saying anucleated is a good thing. :)
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oh darn - another thing my doctor ignored.  Why did I go to this man?
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RBCs should be "anucleated" as in "without a nucleus."  Nucleated RBCs are abnormal in a peripheral blood smear beyond neonates.  If Red Blood Cells in a peripheral blood smear show up nucleated you need to have this investigated by a hematologist/oncologist.  Nucleated RBCs are very immature RBCs that should not be seen outside to bone marrow and may be a marker of significant disease.  

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