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Figured I better write before I get hung up on reading....I have  been on lexapro for almost 3 weeks for my anxiety and it has been working great until a few days ago, and I started feeling the anxiety again including shortness of breath.

I have been taking 10 mg of lexapro, can that dosage be increased?  I have emailed my Dr also.

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The Max dosage for Lexapro is 60 mg per day .

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Meg, that is something your doctor would have to answer.  I will tell you, I take Xanax for shortness of breath and the anxiety that comes with it.  Honestly, I take one and try to distract myself but if it is full blown, I take two.  That works.  It only works because it puts me to sleep and I wake calmed.  For me, it only happens a few times a week...For a bit it was going on daily and that scared me.  I know now it is not something that will continue to happen as often and maybe that is why I have calmed.

It is such a frightening experience.  I feel for you.  
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10 mg is like a child's dose. I take 20 mg of Lexapro. I didn't know that you could go up to 60. I might ask about this. I was on Lexapro before the MS suspicions, but not that my neuro is suspecting MS, I notice that my panic attacks are increasing.
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Hi Meg,

How'd you make out? Doc call reach back out to you?
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I am so sorry you are going through a rough time. I'm really sorry I haven't been around more. I am going to see to it that I check in more...
Please take care of yourself..
Love, Hugs and Prayers {{{{{~!~}}}} DJ

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Oh, wow, I feel so much better, the Dr  did get back to me and told me to take 20...I am feeling a bit better, probably takes it time...i feel like I could use 60 mgs.

Anyone know if this might make your functioning worse, my memory is gone...I just happened upon my post even.


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