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any men

I know MS affects women more so than men so I'm wondering how many men are here . I'm not diagnosed with MS but  I have quite a few symptoms and no real causes . I spoke at length with a friend who has MS and she thinks I should be more forcefull when dealing with my doctors . I've been diagnosed with ET , CTS and cronic tendonitis but those and all my other problems lead me to think there is something more going on .  I've been healthy and active all my life until about 3 yrs ago . I'm now 55 .  So guys are you out there ? what problems do you have ?
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Gary, I had MS for years (they think at least 10 to 15) before they diagnosed it in '85.  There were always other valid (at the time) reasons--bad leg--smashed up back (back operation), thyroid-another operation (Graves disease),  weakness--out in sun too long, etc, etc.  MS didn't stop me from having two careers--retiring from both (military and high school principal).  True, there are not as many men as women with MS and who knows why??  All I can say is keep exercising, eat healthy, don"t get down (keep involved with something), and see a Dr who deals with MS.   Best of luck and I'll keep you in my prayers.  elf442
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Thanks for you reply and mental support . I'm gonna keep on keeping on !
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My husband was officially diagnosed with MS in 1991 at the age of 35.  He is now 51 yrs. old.  His trouble began during his college football years.  He was working out and training harder than ever but was still regressing - he was slower, his strength was decreasing and he had coordination issues.  Like ELF442 his problems were attributed to a spinal cord problem (supposedly from all of the impact from football) and he also endured surgery - a pretty significant procedure.  Who knows, maybe coincidently there was a problem with the spine too.  Anyway, he didn't have that many problems after that except some occasional unexplained depression and occasional erectile dysfunction.  Then In 1991 he had a lot of tingling in his hand and blurred vision in one eye.  That is when he was diagnosed.  He has done pretty well since.  He now walks with a pretty obvious limp that has gotten worse esp. in the last 4 years.  He deals with fatigue issues and very tight muscles in the back of his legs at times.  He is still able to play tennis - he takes a fall every now and then but has actually become an expert at falling with minimal injury!  Ha!  He is still gainfully employed in a professional occupation.  He has been on Copaxone for several years - can't help but think it has helped.  I hope this info. was helpful to you.  
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I am a 37 yo male.  I have not been diagnosed but the doc says my MRIs and clinical symptoms suggest MS.  I started taking Betaseron a couple of months ago.  If it is MS, then I'm on my way to managing it.  If it's not MS then my body is just getting some extra interferon.  I have weird feelings over tingling, buzzing, numbness, swallowing, etc just about eveyday.  It is worse during the week and better on the weekends.  I may be alleric to work.  Sometimes I think my mind takes the little symptoms and convinces my body they are the MS getting worse.  I do have some back issues that may be causing some of my symptoms.  I do think I have MS but I might have something else.

By the way, I am an active duty Marine with 19 years of service.  It may be just my body breaking down from all the years of torment I have put it through.  
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