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are symptons of multiple schelorsis the migraines

I have migraines in the brain showing in my mri which was done a month ago is this symptoms of multiple sclerosis
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Hello fellow Ozzie and welcome,

Unfortunately i'm having to guess what you could be asking....IF you have had a brain MRI and the results are completely consistent with the diagnosis of migraine and you do in fact experience migraines....without anything else to go by, there is nothing to suggest the migraine diagnosis wouldn't be the more common stand alone diagnosis of 'migraines' and not connected to any other medical condition...

Migraines can actually mimic some of the neurological issues associated with  MS, pwMS can experience migraines too but the thing to keep in mind is that the major difference is that MS generally causes abnormal neurological clinical signs and migraines do not, so if your neurological assessment was perfectly normal, your migraines are 'less likely' to be an MS issue and 'more likely' to be a stand alone condition.

Hope that helps.....JJ

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It's actually demyelination what's that mean in my brain I'm getting an MRI done for my spinal cord
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Kotra, i'd truly like to be of more help but it's hard to understand the type of situation your in and or facing, when your only providing minimal pieces of information.....

There is a huge difference between MRI evidence consistent with a diagnosis of migraines and MRI evidence consistent with demyelinating conditions, you are only in your 20's and Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common demyelinating disease of the central nervous system for women in your age group.

MRI reports typically mention a few possible medical explanations, differentials often list demyelination but unless the lesions have demyelination specific characteristics ie locations, size, shape, highlighting with contrast etc please try to keep in mind that MS may not be your most likely explanation, your neurologist will be looking for any additional suggestive-consistent diagnostic evidence to determine the correct diagnosis, getting an MRI of the spinal cord is part of the diagnosis process.

Deep breath....at this stage MS is just one of the possible explanations, it doesn't mean you do or you don't have MS...

Hope that helps....JJ

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