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at last some relief!! (All )

Hi Guys,

Well went to ER or A & E as we call it here in snowy england makes a change from the rain for sure lol but the country has come to a halt makes me laugh when i know some of you deal with snow every day.

anyway after waiting 3 hrs to be seen and getting fed up stuck in my wheelchair with the world spinning around i got seen too but a really nice dr praise god!! he was so attentive i wanted to take him home lol he listened then done a bunch of neuro testsand said my reflexes were jerky ( which i dont know they are normally normal, well where a year ago when last tested by rheumy)

he did the pin test and cold test no feeling in fingers and some lost on right arm and right face and lip he was worried about the face numbness and wondered if it was to do with the nerve being compressed by the sinuses that lead to the back of the ear!!

he did the hallpirk test ( cant spell) he lets your head fall with him behind you then as you fall he turns your head to the side and checks for nsystasm ( jerking eyes) he also looked in my ears but could not find any inflammation or infection or fluid.

he gave me an injetion for prochlorperazine 10 mg and gave me tablets to follow every eight hrs for 7 days. he has writian to my dr to get me seen by my ENT asap and to be refered to a neuro as he feels therev is something going on more then fibro!! thank god somebody on my side!!!!!! so we will watch this space i guess.

The tablets have helped i can lay here and type and not feel sick yey but i still feel ill when i move and the tablets make me so tired but thats better then the vertigo.

Thank you all for encouraging me to go i feel i am a step closer to finding out what is going on and feel i have some back up now from a ER dr who will hopefully give my DR a kick up the backside my face and lip are sore and still numb,numb like ice and tinglingly too.

so tired but wanted to let you know how it went.

thanks again all.

love sam

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I'm glad you saw someone, I hope that the tablets and injection help you and that you are on the way to getting the answers that you need.

Take care - and stay warm!

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Thanks hun,

how bad is the snow where you are? i live in surrey uk, you are from the uk 2?  how do you find the NHS? or are you private.

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Hi there

Amazingly the snow isn't too bad at all considering I am way up north in Scotland.

Private? I should be so lucky!

I go through spells where I hate the NHS and all doctors but then I realise how lucky I am to get betaferon and not have to pay for it.

I do feel we have a culture of not liking to question doctors, I am trying to change this but I don't find it easy.

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You are creeping closer - I'm so glad you got a keeper, thank God.

I hope you are able to rest up for what's next.

ttys sweety,

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Its coming your way be prepared!!! lol a follow nhs thats good.  

yes we are lucky about not paying i am alot of drugs and its free as i have a medical exception cert. i guess you have MS? how long you been dx? and how long did it take for you to get this dx?



hi hun,

yes pleased dr might take notice and for once i got a full work up longer then when i've been to a neuro b4 lol and this was an ER dr remember short of time!! just hope my dr listens.

really knocked me out slept all day, missed my kids building snow men and going sledging!! was ill last time it snowed too look out of bedroom window sad aint it!! feel there life is going by without me sometimes.

said is causes drowiness and that cause of the fennatnal patches and requip makes it worst.

my numbness still there and right side so waek have to type with one finger, maybe in a few days it will return.

take care, thanks for support hun.

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Hi Sam,

This is great news!!  I'm so glad you went to the ER instead of waiting.  Maybe this will propel you on to finding out the reason for your worsening symptoms.  

I'm like Quix, and you already know, I've always thought it was MS.  Maybe soon you will know for sure, one way or the other.

Take care, rest and take your meds!!!

I'm so glad you are back here on the forum, I think it is good for you to have as much support as you can get!!!  And it does my heart good when I see that little "uk2" on the board.........hahaha

Love & Hugs,
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i'm glad that you are doing a bit better with the medicine, hang in there and I hope for the best with your doctor's!!
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You made everyone smile today with your A&E report - funny here in the states everyone knows A&E as Arts & Entertainment television network and not the medical place for emergencies.  

Just hang in there and keep takings those pills for the vertigo.  

Too bad you couldn't romp in the snow since that is such a rarity over there.  As for here, I would be happy to donate a few inches of the white stuff to somewhere else.  I did see that London had up to 12" of snow yesterday - that had to have been quite the sight.

Keep getting stronger and make sure that ER doctor sticks to his word and writes that letter!

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I am sooo happy that you got some relief from your problem honey...I know I haven't been writing much but I am here lurking usually and have followed your predicament.  I am glad that you are going to be seen by an ENT and Neuro and that someone is finally taking you seriously!

From what I saw on the news last night though about your snow problem it's just as well you are staying home in bed!  No one was moving much anyway and from what I saw the place was in big trouble although they figure the snow will be gone by Friday.  We have had snow since December and then it rained so we have snow covered with ice because then of course it rained and next week we are supposed to get another dump of snow so it should be interesting!  At least we don't get it here like they do in Newfoundland...a few years ago they had 80cm in one day!  It was NUTS!!

Well, best of luck with your next appointments and I hope the world stops spinning for you soon!

Lots of Hugs,
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Oh .. I'm so glad your went and got some help... I have been worried about you and wanted to know you got some help and feel better... I'm finding it difficult to work on this computer with my vertigo at the moment, so I don't get much done.. but I wanted to say HAY... hope you get more ansers... and take care hon

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I'm so glad you checked in and let us know... I may be new here but was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for some response.  I'm glad you're feeling a little better and getting some help!
Take care
~live as if all your dreams came true~
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Hi Sam

Yes I was diagnosed with MS 15 years ago, although I had been having symptoms - mainly sensory - for years before that. Once my GP thought it was possibly something neurological she sent me to see a neurologist who arranged an MRI. I was diagnosed at that time so I was lucky not to be in "limboland" for ages.

My MS only got bad about 1 1/2 years ago and I am now on Betaferon.

Yes the snow finally got here :(

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