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band around abdomin

Could anyone describe the feeling some MS patients get.  The one where is feels like a big rubber band around your waist.  At what location and other symtpoms that might occur, like hard to breathe or painful to breathe.  And how often it occurs.  Stuff like that.
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  The awful, dreaded  M.S. hug! Awful painful, kinda like labor pains in abdmen and chest, back area. I also get pain up my neck, even goes to head. Had this today for couple of hours.
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  I failed to mention, the M.S. hug can also be confused with heart attack symptoms. Some describe it as very similar. My experience is I do get afraid when pain first hits, I think heart attack..  Then I soon realize it is my usual hug pain..
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For me, it feels like a leather strap cinched very tightly around the lower part of my ribcage.  Mine is pretty much always there-it's just a matter of degree.
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For me, I feel the tightness - tighter and tighter.  I also feel like my abdomen is getting sucked  under my rib cage
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one suggestion my therapists made about dealing with the hug is to focus on how we breathe and try to expand our lungs and ribs horizontally when we inhale - this may help to gently stretch the muscles and ligaments that are constricted with the hug.

Remember, the hug doesn't necessarily have to go all the way around your torso- it can be just one part.  
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Thank you all for you very quick response.  Don't know if I have MS or not.  I do have a sensation that is very much like what you are describing.  What other symptoms are associated w/ MS?  I have lupus and fibromyagia.  
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I had this feeling also and it ended up being a tumor in my spinal cord in the T1-T2 area. If things start going cold in your thighs and legs get an MRI. It takes years before this grows big enough to completely debilitate a person. Mayo says they have 400 cases a year. Mainly in women. I hope you are OK.
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