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butt buzzing, foot pain, numb inner thighs and feeling off balance - MS?

i understand that nobody here can diagnose me, but i am posting this while i wait several weeks to get in to see a doctor.

about 3-4 months ago, i woke up and my feet hurt when i would walk getting out of bed. almost like a pulled muscle that never gets better because you constantly have to walk. it's now gotten to the point where i feel off balance. i don't know if that's something neurological or if i just feel off balance because my feet kill me. i can't walk for long periods of time. i can only wear crocs because all other shoes hurt me. i have no swelling, redness....nothing on my feet -- which is weird to me considering how much they hurt; especially after walking for 30 minutes or more at a time.

something i have also noticed is when i am sitting down and out my chin to my chest, i have a buzzing sensation that lasts 1-2 seconds in my.....behind. almost like it's in my rear-end hole (i apologize, i have no idea a polite way to say that).

one thing that has bothered me is that my inner left thigh feels numb to the touch. i can feel it when i am touching it, but it's a weird "asleep" feeling. like when you wake up and you've slept on your hand for a long time and it's numb feeling. no pins and needles, although i do feel like that in my feet - my feet just feel dead.

i don't have any swelling or anything going on. not on my feet and nowhere else on my body. as far as i know, i am somewhat healthy although i haven't been to a doctor in 10 or so years because i just never have had to. i rarely get sick, have allergies, you name it. but this has really started to concern me after googling.

wondering if anyone can give some insight? do you think i could have MS?
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I have had MS for 30+ years. I want to tell you what I wish someone had told me back then when I was going out of my mind with anxiety before confirmation diagnosis. I can't diagnose you. But I can tell you that even if you do have it (and chances are you have anxiety related issues rather than neurological)  you will have a disease that is a) nothing like as bad as you fear it us b) a disease for which there are now a plethora of extremely effective treatments and amelioration c) that the freat majority of sufferers now live almost normal lives with normal life expectancy. Most people have relapsing and remitting variant. This means that you go for often years between episodes, which in themselves can be treated effectively and often pass leaving no permanent disability.  I had the spectre of Jacqueline du Pre before back when I began. Now, the whole experience of living with MS is immeasurably better. I wish I had know back then, that I'd be here, hardly any different in my abilities apart from ageing. Don't be scared. You like lying haven't got it, but if you have, hey! It's more than manageable. With love and hugs and wishes. Y
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Excuse silly typos. I'm rubbish at typing. Y. You'll be okay!
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Hi and welcome,

Due to the pattern of symptoms presenting bilaterally with intense pain in your lower limbs, chin to my chest buzzing sensation and numb inner thigh it definitely sounds like something nerve related has happened.

The likelyhood of bilateral symtoms being caused by a neurological condition like MS though is a lot less likely than the more common causes of damage to the peripheral nervous system eg structural issues like degenerative disc disease, compressed nerve etc, or common conditions like diabetes, thyroidism etc etc

MS wouldnt be on the top of your most likely causes list because its bilateral presentation is more commonly associated with peripheral neuropathy, so i would definitely try to not focus on it being an specific medical condition whilst you're going through all the different types of tests to see what if anything comes up as abnormal.

Hope that helps........JJ
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thank you
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