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c spine mri results without contrast

c1-2   no significant abnormality
c2-c3  bilateral facet and uncovertebral osteoarthritis slightly worse on the right. Mild to moderate right-sided foraminal narrowing.
c3-c4 Grade 1 anterolisthesis with right paracentral disc bulge and moderate facet osteoarthritis.  Moderate right foraminal narrowing with mild lateral recess effacement, worse on the right.  No central canal stenosis.
c4-c5  Posterior disc bulge with facet and uncovertebral osteoarthritis.  Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing without significant central canal stenosis.
c5-c6  Posterior disc osteophyte complex with anterior spondylosis.  Bilateral facet and uncovertebral osteoarthritis.
moderate-to-severe left-sided foraminal stenosis.
c6 c7  posterior disc osteophyte complex with bilateral facet and unconvertebral osteoarthritis,worse on the left.  severe left-sided foraminal narrowing.  moderate lateral recess effacement and central canal stenosis.
c7 no significant abnormality.
Other.....  The T1 and T2 vertebral bodies appear to be congenitally fused.

Impression   Degenerative changes of the cervical spine severe at c5/6 and c6/7 where there is moderate-to-severe and severe left-sided foraminal narrowing demonstrated as detailed above.  Findings are exaccerbated by a rotatory scoliosis extending into the upper thoracic segments with apparent congenital fusion to t1 and t2 disc spaces.

Is all of this even related to ms?  Or is this just a list of other things to deal with on top of possible ms dx?
If anyone knows anything about what this mri report means I would love to hear.
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This report is of the large amount of osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease that you have in your back.  The report deals only with the bones and the appearance of the nerves AFTER they have left the spinal cord - so the peripheral nerves.  this report has nothing to do with MS, but might offer a reason for problems.

The report does not even mention the spinal cord itself, so it is very incomplete.

The places where it mentions "foraminal stenosis" is stating the the little holes in the vertebrae where the nerves escape to the body are often narrowed, especially at C2 to C4, and C5 to C6.  The worst is in the space between C6 and C7 on the left where the narrowing is describing as severe.  This will likely cause nerves to be pinched and give you pain/weakness in the left arm.  Also at this level you have narrowing of the spinal canal and this can cause symptoms that look very much like MS in your arms and below.

This is not my specialty, so I can't say much more than this.  You might very well be referred to a neurosurgeon if any of this is causing pressure on the spinal cord.

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Thank You,
  Thanks for taking the time to help me.  I have been so sad, and crying most of the day!  I really appreciate your help.  Yes I was referred to a neurosurgeon, and I think it will probably take a month to get in to see him.  She still thinks ms is a big possibility, and wants me to have another mri of the brain to see if the lesions have changed.  I am in so much pain, and afraid of getting hooked on the Lortab, but I have no other choice at this point.  Thanks for listening.......Kim
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I have just read your mri results and it is amazing that mine are almost identical.  I am wondering if you have been diagnosed with ms.  I am also in a lot of pain and I am looking to seeing a new neurologist as the one that I currently have is of no help.  
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