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can all my symptoms be linked any help is good?

I was just wondering could all my symptoms be linked. my list seems to be endless but the main ones are floaters that have came and are there all day, my back hurts at the bottom, restless legs at night, tingling all over my body as if there are little things walking around, see someone for my bladder as always need the WC, sick every morning as i have oesophagus problems which i am all so getting seen for, tired and out of breath quick, pains in my arms and top of my neck as if a niddle is being put in. etc just feel that this must be linked any help will be great thanks
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Floaters are common to people over thirty they can be part of the aging of the eye. I have floaters and was told they are totally normal. Annoying but normal aging.

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many thanks for getting back to me i am going to see the doc, for my blood results he did a full screening

thanks for replying

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Hi richie, that's an interesting list of symptoms.

Every last one of the things you list have been talked about here as part of MS.  But I have to say those symptoms can also come from other diseases or problems.    

The lower back problem is almost never part of MS
The vomiting is almost never an MS problem
Esophageal problems can come from MS but are normally something else GI related.

Notice I say almost never, because there are always exceptions with this crazy disease.  Good luck with the next step in talking to your consultants about the problems.

come back if you have more questions we might help with,
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