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can't remember.....................CRS

Well, my Dad says it's a disease and has not so nice a term that would be beeped on TV.  But the fact is I can not remember simple things, names of things I have known for years, or just talked about 2 hours ago.  For example I work with gemstones, I could not remember the name of one I just bought a few hours earlier and work with all the time.  It usually comes to me but sometimes hours/days later.  Names of objects, ect it is very hard communicating this way.  What is up with this?  Anybody know?  My dr. and I went over my Meds I don't think it is any of those.--

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Hi Tracy,

The cause could be one of at least two things that I am familiar with  - first is a real physical decomposing of our ability to remember.  I don't know your age, but I am 54 and approaching that area that we know our cognitive abilities usually start to slow down.  Part of that is the use it or lose it phenomena.  MS is also connected to cognitive problems, and it could be part of the disease.

The other word retrieval problem I know all too well is the pressure we put on ourselves to perform.  Once we are rattled or doubt our abilities for recall and word use, there seems to be some pressure switch that is flipped and it gets worse the harder we try. After my heart attack last year I couldn't even remember the name of the cardio or the hospital I was treated at when asked by another doctor I was seeing.  It took me 30 seconds or so to retrieve names and dates for every question I was asked.  It got to the point it was laughable.  Once I relaxed, the information came more readily.

I regularly have those noticeable gaps where information is not freely flowing through my brain and out of my mouth ....  I've learned to somewhat work around them but other times I just have to give that blank stare. :-)

I'm sure others have additional reasons why we are this way.

You're not alone,
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Thanks!   It could be pressure, maybe even meds then I add pressure, it doesn't help in any case, because I know I get frustrated and try harder.  Thanks for the thoughts they helped a lot.

I have to keep coming back to this forum and group just to remember I am not alone, but that helps, so it works.
Thanks!!  I am 44yrs.  
We'll have to think of something to do with that blank stare LOL:) a face to make or something.
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Rudy, I'm only 38, and I have to really fight for words sometimes.  Things that I've just talked about five minutes before go right out of my head.  Friends I've known for years - suddenly can't remember their name.

There are several cognitive problems that are common with MS.  Word-finding is one of them.  It results in the characteristic known as 'scanning speech.'  The speaker is constantly trying to remember the word they're looking for, so the speech is not in a normal pattern.  It's full of pauses while I try to remember what that thing is called...

The first thing the neuro will look for is if it's caused by depression or meds.  If it's from the MS, I would opt for a neuro-psych exam to identify any cognitive defects.  You may only be suffering from mild cognitive impairment, but it's best to get this identified now.
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Can't Remember Stuff is not fun and neither is neuro-pysch testing but it will identify your weaknesses, perhaps more clearly than you expect. But, do take comfort in knowing most of us here have some form of CRS whether it be age, drug or disease related , so you're in good company.

When you come up with a good cover-up for the CRS moments, let us know so we can all benefit :-)

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Thank you!  So if I ask for the neuro-psych exam that would help determine if it is cognitive?   A few months ago when a Dr mentioned depression, I did ask my neuro--the sleep specialist, who is also a psychiatrist if some of the things we were seeing were depression and she did some questioning and said no.  But I take it a neuro-psych exam is more?  Now I have become somewhat depressed, which is just not like me.  

The speech you describe is me, I just sit there waiting for it to come to me or finally say it won't and move on.  You feel pretty dumb.  

I will talk to my neuro about that exam for a positive.  
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Thanks.... I thought of cursing to fill in the blank areas, but that isn't me either...  I am so glad to know I am not alone.  When I was on Topamax, that happened at a high dose, but not like this, this is different.  Words sometimes never come at all.  

What is neuro-psych testing?
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Neuro-pysch testing is a series of tests designed to test your memory and higher thoughts processes such as "multi-tasking". Some of the tests I encountered today included a list of 15 words being read to me, then I was to repeat as many as I could remember. About 5 minutes later, I was asked to recall the list again. Then the fun starts...they read another list of words ("the 2nd list") and ask you to repeat these.  Next we jump back to the 1st list and group the words you remember into categories such as fruits, furniture , etc. then back to the 2nd list for more memory recall.

Other tasks were recreating specific drawings and then later being asked to draw them again from memory. Heck, I couldn''t draw them with them in front of me . I even asked for a life line..my daughter who's majoring in art.

You'll also be asked about symptoms relating to depression...sleep, lack of interest in activites, etc.

I could go on but you get the idea. If you'd like to all the tests, pm me and I'll list those I can remember :-)

Not all insurnaces pay for this testing and it is expensive but like Jen said, worthwhile to know where you stand. My doc(pyschologist) running the tests said it will help define if you have a true disability as well.

Also, I found a sample of this type of testing by using google  and searching for University of FL neuro-pysch testing. They have a simple 2 part example.

Good luck with the CRS!

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Thank you--I also read Jen's "turned upside down and brains shaken out" heheheahaha LOl  

It won't be pretty if I do it.  A list is fine, I put a post it on my arm and  hope I don't loose that otherwise we are in big trouble.  I've been doing that for years because I can't remember stuff.  

Sleep thing worries me a little because I have a sleep disorder.... but oh well it would be worth seeing what's up.  

They should give free post it's depending on how you do!
You rest, thanks for your help, and hang in there!

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Hey, I know exactly how you feel and I am only 22.  Last time I checked that is a little early for people to loose their memory due to age.  I hope you can figure out what it is.  Good luck and keep us posted.

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Sad but true - I am a member of this CRS club!  One of my recent events was when I was typing a name in my cell phone & I could not remember how to spell it.  Now - you might be thinking that is not so bad but (you can laugh at this cause I can now) I was actually typing in my brother-in-laws name so I should have remembered how to spell the last name since I have had that same last name for 10 years now  :)  You are in good company here.

Take care & don't be too tough on yourself.

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Thank you, Tahiri, Janette, I will try to chill out and not be so tough on myself... that is a big part I think.  Hopefully I will find out a lot more about many things an a couple weeks!  I will keep you posted................thank you again!
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