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cognitive burnout in the produce aisle - red faced!

sigh, something to make you smile rather than a complaint!

was in the produce aisle yesterday, shopping to restock winter house and couldn't find garlic anywhere, absolutely anywhere, went thru every spot twice I did.

finally flag down the produce man, who was stocking apples but came over when I waved.  Asked him for the fresh garlic as I could not find it anywhere.  He smiled and pointed to exactly where I was standing........sigh.........

I had nothing to blaim my fog on......but me..........so I gave him the dazling senior citizen smile and said thank you!
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lol hmmmm yesterday must of been one of those days for me too, i was responding to an email my mum had sent and after 5 minutes of staring at the screen. I turned to my almost 15 year old son and asked him to spell his name for me! Gulp what a thing to forget lol

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This did make me smile for sure! :)

I am still trying to figure out what is just normal vs. what is due to potential cognitive stuff since I was just diagnosed 2 mo ago. Not sure when I will have it all figured out and know if something I feel/experience is MS related or not. Ugh. I started noticing over the last year or so, before my diagnosis, that I have moments of "umm...what is that again?" and I just feel like I cannot find the most basic word - total blank moments! I just forget! Duh. And then if I try to speak before my brain has caught up with me, when it finally decides to, I feel like I stumble it out. Does not happen all the time, just at random moments. My hubby just keeps telling me it is normal and that is how we get as we get older...but um, yeah, I am only 37...

Anyhow, not turning your smile post into a complaint by any means...just saying THANKS for the smile, since it made this girl here (yep, me) feel a little less crazy and stupid tonight! :)
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lol 37 is old age? It is soooooo not normal for 'normals' but for pwMS, errr yep its par for the course, therfor pretty normal stuff :D weird, strange and bizzar are all basically normal with MS! lol

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