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results wereI4305 now are I4882.  My numbers have uncreased that much in 1 month.  Been internal bleeding for over year and the eye issue has been ongoing, but in 6 months went from ok eyes to bleeding in both eyes.  but due to diabetes blamed me for poor control.  but with greatly improved control and all  vitamin tests coming out normal.  Going for mri end of month.  or i could have multiple mylenoma or just nothing I guess.  But maybe i am just an obese 58 year old diabetic.  But reading so many posts, amazing the similar symptoms, as a teen in Chicago  major debilitating headaces.  Hatred of summer heat, almost strangled my husband after 3rd kid before he got air put in.  Tingling going on for years but a steno pool typist of 100wpm so docs attributed it to that, thank goodness I refused the surgery.  I attributed all symptoms to something Idid wrong, and so did the dotors, these days everything is blamed on obesity, I mean everything.  Doctor blamed my dizziness to long term affect of obesity, my tingling to neruopathy and long term effects of poorly controlled obesity, but my monm lived to 78 and had none of these problems, took the bus till her mid 70s.  Oh well, I will see results of the mri.  And I see the oncologist/hematologist later this month too.  Wish me well, as I wish all you well.
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Hi sassy, it sounds pretty horrific what you are going through and I sure hope you don't get bad news in your medical visits with the oncologist.  You may not realize that you posted this on the Multiple Sclerosis forum, which is a disease of the central nervous system.  None of your symptoms really sound like MS to me, but I am no medical expert.   You are more than welcome to hang out here, though. This is a very friendly and helpful group.

here's to getting answers - I wish you well.
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I'm not sure what the test is for and from this wording, could it be possible that this is just the idenfication for your lab results?  The number would get larger, the more tests they run on people.  just guessing ..........
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Hi I am bit confused by the post,

Have you ever been diagnosed with MS?

Or are you looking for answers to your symptoms?

You mention bleeding disorder, neuropathy, headaches, dizzyness.....

This is an MS forum, but I post on here even though I do not have MS.  I had symptoms similar to MS, but was eventually diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

You need to have a test- Serum protein Electropherisis (SEP), it will tell you if you an "M-spike" (which is almost always caused by MM).  If you have a spike, they then use the immunofixation test to figure out what kind of spike. (most common is IGG that is what I have- currently in remission) Myeloma causes other symptoms like frequent infections (in my case sinus and ears), anemia, night sweats etc

Hope you get some answers
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Yes  i agree with Lulu, the numbers you posted don't really seem like the numbers I have had when they have done an immunofixation test.

It usually says


and then positive or negative and may then say "lamda", or "kappa" positeve or negative
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