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ever experience a vibrating sensation in lower abdomen?

Okay, so for over a week I have been experiencing a vibrating sensation in my lower abdomen.  It is like a weak cell phone or pager going off every so often and lasting about 5-10 seconds.  I am still going through all the testing for MS and am under the "official diagnosis" of suspected MS.  Although most of my symptoms have subsided since becoming pregnant with number four 11 weeks ago.  I at first assumed I am just very aware to fetal movement by this point, but have been told it is WAY to early to feel the baby.  So I googled the symptom and read that it is not uncommon, pregnant or not, but could be nerve impulses.  So who better to ask than all my friends here.  So any one else ever feel this sensation?
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Hi there. I feel this, but I'm not diagnosed and the Dr.'s aren't sure what I have... so please don't assume that this means that "it's a common thing". Grin. Hopefully other's will chime in too.

I just wanted you to know you aren't alone... isn't it the oddest feeling!?
Have a blessed day!
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It is odd.  It is a good thing I haven't had surgery lately because I would be insisting that a doc lost a pager in me!
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Hi there!
I am undx'd also but one of my first symptoms last year was the vibration.  Mine is everywhere and originally extremely annoying.  It kept me from sleeping some nights because it was so strong.  I have gotten used to it though and it gets worse when my other symptoms flair and then weakens when I am feeling better.  

I hope you have an easy pregnancy and enjoy it!!  Congratulations!!

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I have this feeling in a few different places, not all at the same time, never in the abdomen though. Mine is usually a small area on my left shoulder, my left ankle, sometimes on a fingertip or two...

My feet buzz, much more noticeable than the vibration. Oh, I am not Dx'd either.

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I have this problem often.  My buzzing is usually in my left or right knee, and starts up when I put pressure on the leg.  I also used to get a generalized buzzing in my noggin, but fortunately that's stopped.  (And I have been diagnosed!)
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The first symptom I ever noticed was the pager/phone feeling, but it was actually near my waist where I wear the silly thing.  But it wasn't with me at the time.  I am not dx with MS, but with transverse myelitis.
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Well, I can easily say that this is one of the most common complaints that is voiced.  A weird feeling of vibration.  And I have heard it described on just about every part of the body, inside the head, to covering the entire body.  I have also heard people describe it in or on the abdomen.   Many people describe it like a pager or phone on vibrate.

When I was first diagnosed, but before the MS Forum was created I played around on the Neurology Forum.  A lot of people complained of a vibrating feeling and I believed them, but thought that it sounded looney.  Then someone started a thread called "It feels Like I'm Vibrating!"  Wow!  people cam out of the woodwork to join in the discussion.  Many were first time posters who thought they were crazy.  The thread eventually hit 99 responses beofre it was closed (I think there used to be a 99 post limit.  There isn't any longer).  What an outpouring of "Me, too!".

So, don't feel like the Lone Stranger.  Apparently the "phantom vibrating cell phone" is a common ailment.

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Gosh, I've had that, but only once. I woke up one morning and it felt as though my cell phone was vibrating under my thigh. How weird.

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I recently development this phone vibrating feeling in my left lower ab.  I thought I had my phone in my pocket and got nervous when I didn't.  I have had it for only a couple of weeks now.  Should I go and get checked as well or is this a dead end road for everyone?

That's where mine is. Thought I was cuckoo. Didn't even mention it to my Dr when I saw her this week.
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i have this feeling too..here latly i have also been getting bad back pains out of no where...dont know it both are related...but what to do about this vibration feeling? just live with it or is there something that can be done?
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Hi Sunny, I have been experiencing the vibrating feeling in my stomach also. But then again I have vibration in my feet too! what is that? Anyone? Anything?
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You might want to start a new thread so people will respond to your question. This thread is quite old.

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I've had the same expierence for the last two days,I first felt it at work, thought It was from the machines...but noticed it was happening when I wasn't standing by them too. Then it continued when I got home...that was wierd! Didn't think I'd find find any answers on line and sure didn't think anyone else would have had an expierience like this! I'm amazed!
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Wow. Here I am imagining the worst and thinking my dr. is going to send me to a psychiatrist! I've never heard anyone mention this vibration feeling either, and I'm 57 years old. So I'm off to my dr. today to see what he says. Going to tell him about this thread and how easy it was to find others with my symptoms!
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I have the same sensation.  Mine feels like a cell phone going off in my lower abdomen.  I actually described this exactly that way to my mother before looking on the internet to see  what might cause this.  Mine comes and goes.  I will have it for several days (sporadically) and then not have it for several weeks.  It's back right now, and that's why I decided to look on line for advice.  Has anyone figured out what causes this?
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Yes, I had that happen before & it must've been bad bc it almost felt like my entire bed was vibrating!! I called my mom bc it scared me. I am diagnosed with dysautonomia (multi-system), iritis (INNER eye inflammation- indicator for an autoimmune disease) and just received a positive lumbar puncture for MS.  
You are NOT alone.
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I'm new here, really just got on yesterday. I was amazed to see this post. I have had the same thing for a while. Comes and goes. I would check my pocket for my phone wondering why my hip or abdomen was vibrating. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one having this.
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Ok, so im reading all these comments about this vibrating feeling. Does anyone know what it is? I've started feeling this recently and decided to look it up. Im relieved to hear it wasn't just in my head. And that I'm not the only one. However, i would like to know the cause of this. Any answers?
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I started having vibrating in my lower abdominal area about 5 hours ago.. This is a first.  I had an xray about 6 hours. I wonder if that had anything to do with it?
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I have not had vibrating in the abdomen, but have it on my woohoo.

You would think that that would be a good symptom:-) But no so much!!
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Have you had any xrays or steroid injections recently?
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No X-rays or steroids recently
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I get vibrations mainly in abdomal area at night. they vary in intensity and often occure in a rythmic pattern like three short buzzes then stop over and over and this can go on for hours. some nights it may be continuous vibration without the strange rythym but either way it is hard to ignore and i am very aware of it which makes it hard to sleep.  i have been experiencing this for several years now and have questioned several doctors and none seem to have any answers.  obviously i am not alone and hope for the day i find out how to prevent it.
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I often have vibrations, Sometimes I feel like I have a cell phone in my pocket.  I am only on neurontin
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I am male, quite fit and see that this is a common aliment, which is a relief to me, but I do not see many replies which actually pinpoint (no pun intended) the cause.

I have tingling - much akin to what others describe as a mild mobile/cell phone vibration in the central region just above my penis - and it is sporadic, not painful, just annoying.  I haven't had it for months, and now when on holiday, it returned.

I try not to eat carbs, and even brought with me on holiday my home made flaxseed bread.  But of course on holiday it is difficult not to succumb to chips/fries and pastry!

Perhaps it will go away after getting back to normal?
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I am undx'd but experienced this in my left foot and lower leg so strongly I thought my cat was sitting on or next to my leg purring! Of course, cat was nowhere to be seen. I frequently experience lower level vibration in legs, especially in morning and sometimes throughout whole body. So the intensity for me anyway seems variable.
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I really wish someone would say what this is!  Mine is right above my pubic bone, and it occurs constantly.  I can't imagine that there are so many people with this!  It does feel like a cell phone on vibrate!  I have no insurance, or else I would go see my doctor!
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This year I started having the vibration sensation in my left breast area;  feels like you have a cell phone or bee in your bra buzzing around.  I googled it and found others had the same sensations in different areas.  It comes and goes. This past week, I started to get it in my lower right quadrant/pelvic area.  I keep checking my pocket for my phone & no phone in my pocket.  Strange it is now on the other side and much lower.  I did have a serious knee/chin injury from a fall last April 2013 which is still swollen from 4" above the knee to 6-8" below the knee & pain with no diagnosis.  This new buzzing happens about every three- four minutes.  I had a bad fall the year (April 2012, April isn't a good month for me) before where I injured my left iliac crest, low hip & pelvic area.  8 specialists later they just keep telling me I have a little bursitis & keep wanting to inject the joint, but they ignore the pain in the iliac crest, buttocks & pelvic & pubic bone area.  16 months after that injury I finally found the North Penn Hernia Institute online & insisted I be checkd for a left Inguinal Hernia since I have all the referred pain symptoms..guess what I have a damn Inguinal Hernia that not one doctor could diagnose.  So here I am googling again but this time for buzzing that I haven't found any real answers except for the fact the the hernia can affect the lower bowels & maybe that is what it is, but it is on the wrong side.  Keep googling, one of us might just find the answer we all need!
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no one is posting what causes it?? I was getting the vibration on my upper right leg and today it started on my right lower abdomen. its starting to scare me and is very weird. people have posted ms and now I am really scared. does anyone else no what causes this???
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I am also on neurotin., and I also have been having this sensation for over a year.  Makes me wonder if it's a drug side effect, or a nerve reaction.
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Hi LL - Welcome to the group.

This is a pretty old post. It as last updated almost 2 years ago and many of the original participants, including Maks322, no longer visit. I just didn;t want you to think you were being ignored :-)

Why not Post A Question and introduce yourself. We're a friendly bunch ;-)

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