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explanation of migraines

Our friend Dr. Park hosted a program last week on headaches.  The expert made a comment that dizziness is a form of migraine.  I had a problem wrapping my brain around that concept, so I asked Dr. Park to explain.  He posted a very clear and concise explanation here about migraines and how they can occur in any place that has nerve endings.  I thought this might be of interest to you.

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what I get out of this...is ??  migraines can cause anything in your body to act weird?

ummm... not sure how I understand that one...

thanks for the article..

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We had someone here yesterday write about having a migraine in her colon.  Yes, migraines are not just the traditional head migraine we think of but can occur anyplace there are nerves.  Interesting to rethink this, huh? I'm having trouble with it too.

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This is interesting, Lu, thanks for sharing.

I am likely incorrect, but my interpretation of Dr. Park's answer was different.  I don't think he is saying that migraines happen anywhere in the body.  I think he is saying that many ailments have hypersensitivity in the nervous system in common.  Then, depending on the subsequent misfiring, a classic migraine or other symptoms (I think he listed nasal and abdominal symptoms as examples) occur.

I think perhaps his intent was to demystify migraines.  I think a lot of us hear "migraine" and think it is a very painful and bizarre event in our bodies, but he is stating that actually many mundane symptoms (nasal drip, abdominal pain) can stem from a similar physiological mechanism.

Chances are, he is trying to explain something complicated in simple terms, and losing some meaning in the projection.  
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Thanks for posting this! Unfortunately, I still haven't had a chance to listen to the podcast. I just get a few minutes here and there. An entire hour seems to be out of the question, lol. Kids, gotta love 'em! :)
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Yep, he and his expert say migraines don't necessarily happen in the head.  They can occur anyplace that the nerves end.  I'm still trying to understand the concept too.  His guest, Dr. Buccholtz (SP?) , is a neuro with Johns Hopkins and he talked on the podcast quite a bit about migraines - that they are often misidentified at sinus headaches, IBS, and even dizziness can be a migraine.  You have to toss the concept of migraine as the classic headache complete with aura out the window.  -L
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