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eye twitching

Hi I had Optic Neuritis just gone three years ago. I had bad sinus problems at the time but Iv yet to find an ENT who thinks this can cause it. Evoked potentials, MRI bloodtest for antibodies were all negative.
I am posting here because Im a bit worried about symptoms Iv been having. My eyes has been twitching for three months now. It mostly in my right lid but I get it in the other eye sometimes. Im not sure if this is a symptom of MS, I have read that it can be on internet site but I dont think its a very well known symptom. Somwtimes twitches inupper lip.
I also have a problem with my neck but Im not sure if its Lhermittes sign. When I move my head to the left or right I get an electrical sensation down my neck. But it stops at my shoulder and is more to the side of the back of my neck than straight down. It can be on either side. Can anyone tell me if this still could be Lhermittes sign??
My balance is way off too but I do have a mild structural scoliosis dont know if that can cause balance problems. Keep catching my shoulder on walls and am falling back not walking straight in dim lighting. Iv also had some strange sensations like vibrating, crawling in spots in my limbs. Its been two and a half years since my MRI or neurological check up. Also severe fatigue, and real foggy head.
I cant bring my self to go to GP with eye twitching cause I know they will tel me its stress and make me feel like a hypochondriac
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Eye-twitching is common to stress and being overcaffeinated.  But given that you're getting what sounds like a variant of L'hermittes, I would see your neuro and get a new MRI and see if anything has changed.  Good luck.  :)

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Iv only ever at most had a cup of tea a day so I wouldnt say Im over doing the caffein. I know stress can cause eye twitching but it just doesnt feel right to me that its causing it.  
Im also getting shooting pains in my limbs. They can be quiet intense but only last a few seconds. These come and go.
Im not sure what you mean by a variant ofL'hermittes? Like just another variety? Is it not just a shock down the centre of spine while bending the neck?
Thanks a mill for the advice. I dont have a neuro cause I dont live in the same country as my ON attack anymore.
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Yes, I just mean a form of L'hermittes.  The twitching in conjuction with the shooting pains and your quasi-L'hermittes would merit a trip to the neuro asap in my book.  Don't get too far ahead of yourself in thinking it's MS, but definitely get yourself in there.  Also, as I'm sure you've seen suggested all over the forum, I'd keep a diary/timeline of when you're experiencing these things, how long they last, intensity, etc.  Begin to look for patterns.  Consider what you've done (exercise or at rest), what you've eaten, time of day, stress levels, etc.  It'll help you and the doc in the long run.  

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Iv noticed something strange. When I have a shower my eyes start twitching. Other day  I had a shower and my left eye started twitching, then my left cheek started twitching. I was thinking hold on a minute this seems to happen alot when Im in the shower.
So today I had a shower and again my eye started twitching. And just as I left my chin twitched for a second or too.  There seems to be an association with this faical twitching and having a shower. Do anyone think it could be the heat or something I like a hot shower?
When I shower my left eye also twitches. I plan on stopping caffeine for a while to see if helps at all.
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