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i was wondering about something .i have heard some about migrains but does anyone ever get the light flashes like your going to get a migrain but you dont?...thanks ahead of time....deb
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I used to have migraines many, many years ago.  My headaches were ALWAYS preceeded by the flashes of light and blurred vision...within 15 minutes, the headache would start.

Light flashes with no headache, while it CAN be a migrane with no headache, is something that should be reported to your doctor POST HASTE.  This may have something to do with the retina and nothing to do with migraines.  What can you lose by making a call to your doctor?  Nothing.  So please give him a call and just report what you are experiencing.  Please?

Feel better,
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thanks for responding..i have a appointment tomorrow with eye dr.going to ask about that and the little black spots in front of my eyes...they have a x-ray of somekind that looks in behind your eyes and im having that done to...thanks so much for your concern.....deb
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I have been told I have complicated migraines, but I rarly get pain in my head, sometimes I get pain in my neck usually no pain. I do get the flashes of light sometimes but not all times, the vision is really bad. I then take my migraine pill if I can figure out that is what is going on if my vision gets better I write it off as a migraine. Lately the medication makes no differance.
I think I had better get an eye appt today Heather and Gollie have both told me that, it's just dang insurance but okay I will.

So yes you can have migraines without pain, but it's semi-rare.
You can look up complicated migraine and read more.

But I think Heather has the best advise.
Mary limbo girl
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mary thank you for responding .i know what you mean about the insurance issue...but i think with the off and on flashing light and the off and on black spots better get checked....take care and good luck....deb
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I think that I experience the same thing. I call it seeing stars. I have been meaning to my an eye appointment, but have not got around to it yet. Thanks for sharing. I never really thought much of it until now.
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The thingies I see in my field of vision if I look at a plain, lighter background can only be described as little spermatazoa on lab slides, LOL.  

They move fast and squiggle.  I also have floaters, vaseline lens, and phosphenes, but, these squiggly things are different.  I'm seeing them, sort of right now, on the computer screen, so, I'm not paying attention to them.  LOL

I am undiagnosed, at present, and they haven't seen anything untoward with my eyes.  So far.  

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