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   Well, I went for my hike with my retired lady friends this morning.  Wow, I almost had to quit early on them, but, I was buggered if I was going to let the ladies (20 yrs my senior, mostly) outdo me. lol

   We walked a groomed trail, through somebodys back 40.  It was windy, and cold, but, lovely.  We saw all sorts of animal tracks.  

   Afterwards we went to a local pub where we had wonderful home made munchies, and I had a guiness.  Now I'm beat. lol

   I did the last of the trek without paying much attention to my surroundings, I just watched the snow in front of me, so I wouldn't step off the snowmobile trail, and go through the snow.  THAT was tiring. The poor dears kept asking if I was alright, so, I had to keep answering, to allay their fears, that I was gonna keel over on the trail. lol

   They are gradually getting used to NOT asking how I am all the time, as I usually just say I'm great, how are you.  If I need help, I'm not too proud to ask for it.  So, I prefer that people wait 'til I ask for help.  I don't want their sympathy, jsut their friendship.

   I never would have met these wonderful women, had I not become 'ill'.  So, good things come from tough times, too.  Or so I feel.  

   Oh, and here too. lol  Thanks for meeting you people.

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I understand your wish to not have folks always asking if you are okay.

I have problem with proper bearings often times.  Gets frustrating always having to say I am okqy.
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Hi Erica,
I, too, tire very quickly.  I live in an area surrounded by folks in their 70s and 80's.  We seem to have the same level of energy and same sorts of memory problems.  So, we all relate very well to each other, but sometimes I want to scream "but I'm only 51!"  But, like you say, I'm also blessed to have them as my friends.  I do sometimes worry, that if I make it to 75, I'll feel like I'm 95.  So, just tryin to take it one day at a time.


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   Well, the signs of having gone too far are here.  My hips ache, my legs feel soo weak, my muscles feel like iv'e been working out all day, all tight and 'fatigued' as my exercise instructor calls it.  The worst thing, tho?   My brain is on vacation. lol lol

   I am soooo glad I have leftovers, and, I'll NEVER walk to the meeting place again, BEFORE hiking in the woods.  I'll arrange for someone to pick me up.  My usual ride wasn't coming, and I didn't know who else to call, or have to ask someone to come get me.  So, I walked for almost half an hour across town, on slippery stuff.  Then hiked for an hour and a half, about, through the woods, in the snow.

   And I wonder why my body aches? lol

   I'll have a glass of wine now, and perhaps my brain will begin functionning again lol.

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