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gloves and socks

i did not actually finish my question above the consern i have ow fast can this progress btw i am 59 y/o male
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nothing came thru but this one sentence post.  Perhaps you meant to post on another forum?
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If you have MS, there is no predicting how fast it will progress. Follow all of your doctor's recommendations for treatment and take good care of yourself. Many of us are doing quite well lots of years post-diagnosis.

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not being all that computer literate my post is prob on my travel agents desk. i really have no official diagnosi but have the glove sock thing going on and i hesitated to discuss with a Dr - i mentioned to a couple people and they looked like they thought i should be a nice quiet padded cell quite frankly i didn,t even belive it myself other incidents were i nearly drowed - lifegards pulled out me legs and arm felt like dead weights i could not control at all and not predictable i get a feeling of electric shots that i can cover easily to so bad my whole body stiffens and i have sorta hit other people close to me and often asked the hell i was doing  having jumped in my seat for no apparent reason. Two days ago i was in my driveway with no stress or? my legs just gave away under me and after three more tries i decided to stay down for a while my son and friends helped me up but it took me a good hour to feel ok to try and walk unassisted I get very strong burning starts and travels usually to my arm and hand on my right side my left leg cramped up to the point i was hardly able to walk i drop things that i shoudent drop i simply sorta freeze up and whatever i am holding drops these symptoms have only really started about a year   to the point it is impedeing my normal abiliity  work or even enjoy life I really dont know how doctors in small northern ontario  towns are up to date or even diagnose my symtoms and when  i get over these incidents i am  shaken and  often am very tired this prob is not the thing i should bring forward here but truth be told i am scared as hell - no matter where i go i can.t  find any type of prognosis there are stats that suggest 7,5 years on a per capabita basis To further see my concerns because i am a single parent for  the last 13 years my son 23 y/o  is in the military and doing good my 23 y/o daughter who is autistic but high functioning still needs help on a day to day basis.
I am rambleing but if nothing else i have vented. and thx for you listeng
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Unfortunately, it can sometimes take years and years, to work out what the right dx is. MS is more commonly dx'd in younger people 'but' having said that, age doesn't totally exclude MS. Its just simply the older you are, the more other (often more likely) possible dx come into play eg mini/major stroke, peripheral neuropathy,  degenerative disc disease, white matter disease etc etc etc

I'm not really sure what you mean by "no matter where i go i can.t  find any type of prognosis there are stats that suggest 7,5 years on a per capabita basis" but because your saying your scared as hell, I have to assume they are not good stats. Honestly in my mind, any stats at this point in time (pre dx) are not worth worrying about, because none maybe relevant to you and are probably not going to be helping you any.

MS requires a person to meet a set criteria, the Mcdonald Criteria is heavily weighted diagnostic evidence but clinical signs, medical history and sx pattern, also need to be taken into account. For what its worth, from what you've said I'm not particularly seeing MS being on the top of your list of possible dx. That could simply be due to the feeling of wearing gloves and or socks is most commonly connected to Peripheral Neuropathy and not so common in MS, though it can be a secondary comorbid issue.

Have you had any testing done eg MRI, any nerve testing etc?

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