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grannyhotwheels and everyone

Just need a friendly shoulder to cry on. I have talked to you before, don't have MS, "just" fibro, degenerative osteoarthritis, diabetes type 2, rapid heart rate. widow for 1 year  AND today, my son, 17years old, who lives with his Dad, in same town, ran away. He isn't answering his cell phone. His girlfriend "says" she doesn't know anything. Why don't I believe her?  Now my BP is up, and fibro is in full flare. This week is the Pendleton Round-Up, which means an extra approx 15,000 people in town. Kids are out of school this week. The sad part is he's a great, polite, well mannered kid, and very smart. I don't think it's drugs. He just wants to be a typical teen-ager, and stay out late, not clean his room, etc. We have always gotton along so well. I can't believe he wouldn't turn to me if there was this big a problem at home. His Dad is a Captain at a Correctional Facility, and a bit of a control freak ( well a lot, really), but he's been a good dad. He doesn't get along with his step-mother. My ex left me after 28 years for her when our son was 5, but insisted on our son staying with him, and they have given him everything he could need or want, which is probably part of the problem.  If we don't hear from him by tomorrow afternoon, he will report him to the police as a run-a-way. What do I do. I'm going crazy!! If it wasn't during the rodeo I wouldn't be so worried, but too many strangers in town. Im' sure he's here in town, as he only had about $10.00. He didn't take any money from his house, and he didn't come to my house and take any either, I checked.  What causes kids to do something this crazy? Anyway, just needed a shoulder to cry on. I have become very isolated since my husband passed away, and my only good friend moved to Wyoming. My daughter lives in Florida. Please pray for David, and for me.
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  I couldn't sleep so i got up at 3 am, decided to check the posts, feel God sent me here to pray for you and your son David. I am asking the Lord to keep David safe and bring him home quickly and send His angels around him. I am also asking the Lord to give you HIS peace and reassurance.
Please let us know what is happening, I am sure everyone will be praying for you too.

God bless, be strong and feel the power of prayers and lots of (((Hugs)))
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Thank you so much for the prayers and hugs. Right now my faith is the only thing keeping me strong. I keep trying to just trust God but I can't help worrying about where he is, and wanted to strangle him at the same time.David, not God. Trying to relax and take deep breathes but keep getting pain in my chest and horrible headache. I'm sure my BP must be skyhigh. At David's age, they won't even take a missing report for 24hrs. Please keep praying. God Bless, and hope you can get to sleep soon.
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I cannot even imagine what you are going through!!  It sounds like you and your husband have done an excellent job raising your son and now you just need to trust that God will keep him safe and bring him home very soon!  I will be praying for you and David!
Take care and God Bless you all!
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You are in my prayers as well.  I'd call the girlfriend back and ask her that if she see's david to tell him to call home and let everyone know he's all right and if he needs anything he can come to you.
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Hi there,
I'm so sorry, you must be so scared.  Please go and talk to the police.  It's okay if it's reported as a run away.  What they should do, and this is standard protocol, is check with his friends and his friend's families, and then patrol the areas that he was in last. One scenario is that he could tell one of his friends that his parents are aware of where he is and they have no clue that he's run away from home.

He's 17, so he's still a juvenile, they have to look for him.

I will pray for his safety.

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Hi Frann, I was so sad to hear about what you're dealing with, and on top of everything else!  I am a therapist at a residential facility for adolescence, so many of my kids have run away at one point or another.  There are many different reasons why kids run away.  Sometimes it's drugs, often it's just because they feel so "out of control" in their environment and they are trying to find a way to "take control."  I had a girl who ran from California to New York at 15.  It wasn't due to drugs, but because of the lack of control she felt.  Because the frontal lobe of the brain isn't fully developed in a teenager, they tend to make choices that aren't very well thought out. The frontal lobe controls the decision making impulses of the brain.  I'm sending positive thoughts your way, though.  I hope you can feel them!  Angela
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