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had MRI on 6/4/15 and 6/5/15

Can someone dumb this down for me so I can understand it?

" 1. Redemonstration of much greater than expected amount of non-masslike reigns of increased signal of T2- weighted images throughout the supratentorial and to a lesser degree the supratentorial  white matter.

These findings are compatible with the given diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. no diffusion abnormalities are present to suggest increased myelinolytic activity at this time.

The lesions appear stable when compared to the most recent magnetic resonance imaging examination of the brain performed September 18, 2013"

And then this is the MRI on my spine without contrast that I also do not understand what they are saying.

"1. Relatively advanced facet degenerative changes at the L5-S1 level with
a likely synovial cyst arising from the right  L5-S1 facet joint. Lesser degrees of degenerative change of the facet joints are noted at the L4-5 and the L3-4 levels

2. No significant central canal stenoses or neural foraminal stenoses are appreciated."

I also had an MRI on my eyes and they found I had iris transillumination and Iris depigmentation acute bilateral.

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Hi MB-

It's unclear whether or not the head MRI was done with contrast. From the use of the word redemonstration, I take it this was not your first time in the tube. Based on the language itself, it seems that nothing new was observed versus the previous MRI.

There is no language in your spine MRI that is suggestive of MS. The findings all appear to be mechanical (bones etc.) rather than nerve related.

Just one man's non-professional opinion :-)

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head and spin was w/o contrast  the orbital was with  contrast
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Well my neurologist kick me to the curb you send me to a different one my oldest daughter goes to him conflict of interest already tried to get him before so now I guess I'll stop going to doctors it's not worth the trouble I'll deal with everything that comes along  
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You have MS. You can't afford to have the mindset of doctors being 'not worth the trouble'. Yes, it DOES stink if finding the right neuro for you means kissing a few medical frogs. Many of us here can relate to that. Perhaps give yourself some time to process the need for another dip into the medical 'dating pool', and feel free to vent here as much as you like in the mean time. I'm sorry you're having a rough time of it.
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I remember you from years ago. I am sorry you are having so many issues with Doctors. I was like that with oncologist. It took a few to find one I could work with. You have to feel you have the best team for you. I know it is frustrating. Keep trying it is worth it when you have the right doctor.

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