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help me please

I am 23 years old and i am having a ton of undiagnosed symptoms.  doctor tested blood for a bunch of things, including CBC, metabolic, and a test for inflamation.  all came back normal.  thought i had hypothyriodism, but i do not, two tests confirmed, thyriod normal.  my symptoms are progressively getting worse.  i have somewhate severe hand joint pain, tiredness, fatigue, confusion, memory problems, heartburn, clumsiness, finger and toes tingling; severely in my toes, all over joint pain, constipation, body pain; though not very severe, muscle tightness alternating with muscle weakness, i think that may be all.  Like i said i'm having memory problems and have been feeling Very bad lately.  i have been doing research online, and going on all sorts of "diagnosis" websites and they seem to keep coming back with MS in the top three if not first.  only behind asthma, which i know i have(exercise induced and controlled) and hypothyriodism which I know I don't have.  so please help me to get my doctor down the right path, or what type of doctor i need to see.  i am really tired of dealing with all of the symptoms, and they are just getting more persistent, if anyone has any help to offer me i will be very grateful.  Thank you.
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Try to write out a time line when your symptoms started ,how long they have lasted,what if anything brought them on.

With internet searches they can be vague and with MS having a laundry list of symptoms,many symptoms are kicked back to MS.

Your symptoms could very well be neurological,I'm assuming since you need help directing you DR down the right road you have seen him.Your next step would be to see a neurologist to do a neurological exam and schedule adequate test to check what might be occurring

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Hi Bopeep, Im just wondering if your gp has suggest you see a neuro. or not.
and if not maby you can ask for a referel. If oyu havent already seen one.
sorry I cant be more help.
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thanks for your help!  I wil call my Gp Dr tomorrow and see if i can get a referral, my symptoms are starting to take over my life and i am NOT willing to let this happen to me so young!

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A neurologist is good advice.  Your symptoms are his specialty.  Hopefully he can sort this all out, so you have an idea what is going on in your body..

This forum and it's group will be here to support you and offer you comfort.  Feel free to contact us anytime.  Even if it's just to vent.  We are here for that, also.

Please let us know what your GP says and how soon you can get in to see a Neurologist.  As "T" suggested, keep a timeline of your symptoms.  What if anything makes them worse, what time of the day they occur, are they occuring everyday, do they lasts for weeks, then disappear altogether...that kind of thing.  Try to keep your list neat, well-written and concise.  Otherwise, doctor's get kinda pissed off and will push the list to the side.

Even after having MS for over a decade, I STILL take a list into my Neuro.  I keep it short and sweet, but make sure I list all of my symptoms.  Try to keep your list to one page if possible.  If you can, type it up neatly.  It makes it easier for the doctor to read.  Check spelling...all those kinds of things..just like you were handing a paper into your teacher.  It really does makes a difference.  Neuro's can be weird...so we have to treat them like babies...

Best of luck to you dear and Happy Thanksgiving.

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